Illustrator tutorial: How to draw a linear spiral |, Deke's Techniques series

This specific tutorial is from the Deke’s Techniques series presented by author Deke McClelland. The complete Deke’s Techniques series offers short tutorials on Photoshop and Illustrator projects, and features real-world examples that can be applied to creative projects right away. This Adobe Illustrator tutorial shows how to use the Polar Grid tool to create a linear spiral. Watch more at


35 thoughts on “Illustrator tutorial: How to draw a linear spiral |, Deke's Techniques series”

  1. Illustrator's spiral tool is head smashing annoying. Why the hell is there still no live preview option via the spiral box settings, or an option to easily create an archimedes spiral, or a pointed spiral (think Twilight Zone). Adobe you suck.

  2. Now this stuff is good. Thanks Deke and! I like it when shows complete tutorials (that doesn't leave you hanging in the middle of a project) and it's fine that there's other separate project tutorials that are offered if you pay for it. The frustrating thing is I'm on a limited budget. If I had just a small slice of Deke's salary I'd have plenty of money to spend. Oh, well.

  3. 5:28 using CS5, I was only able to do this step of the video (using Direct Selection Tool to marquee only bottom half of anchor points) by being in outline mode. Deke is in preview mode. However, I can do it in preview mode if I ungroup the polar rings twice, something Deke doesn't have to do until one minute later. So strange!

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