How to Easily Add a Client Feedback Form

Want to add a client feedback form to your website? Client feedback helps you improve your products and services based on their needs. In this article, we will show you how to easily add a client feedback form in WordPress.

For this tutorial we will be using WPForms:

Using WPForms, we will create a new form and select the Suggestion form for some recommended fields to be automatically added. You even have the option to add or remove fields from the widget.

Once the form is how you like it, go into the settings tab on the left-hand side and there should be a Confirmation section for you to style or reword the confirmation. Next, under the notifications tab, you would be able to decide where their information is sent. By default, it is sent to the email under Settings, General.

With the form created you would either create a post or page and click the Add Form button to add the shortcode for it to display there. Your other option would be to go under Appearance, Widgets and add the WPForm Widget to your widget area. In the settings for the widget select the form and you will see the form wherever your widget area appears on your site.

Text version of this tutorial

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