How to Add Title and NoFollow to the Insert Link Popup in WordPress

Are you looking to add a title or nofollow tag to your WordPress links? WordPress adds an open in new window option for your links but as you learn about SEO and other topics you may decide you need to add nofollow to your links or a title for better accessibility. In this video, we will show you how to add a title and nofollow to your insert link popup in WordPress.

When you add a link and open the link options, the default options are to modify the link text, open the link in a new tab, and select what the text should link to. This is a visual representation of the HTML of the link itself and we can add more options to customize the link.

A nofollow on a link tells search engines that they can view these links but you don’t want to share any of your link authority to their websites. Meanwhile, a title attribute allows you to add a description to your link of the page that you are linking to.

One simple method to add the options for nofollow and the title would be the plugin Title and Nofollow For Links found here:

Title and Nofollow For Links

After you install that plugin under Plugins, Add New, you would activate it and there are no settings to configure. With that plugin active when you try to add a link you will have added the option to add a title and nofollow to the popup.

Text version of this tutorial

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6 thoughts on “How to Add Title and NoFollow to the Insert Link Popup in WordPress”

  1. Nice Video, but can we do this without the plugin, because once you keep adding a plugin for everything then it affects the page load speed. I would suggest if you can show both ways with a plugin and without a plugin.

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