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  1. Haven't touched flash in years, but needed a quick typing effect for a video. Been writing lots of (bad) javascript recently, really nice to watch this and understand it! You have a really good manner for teaching btw. Hope life's good and thanks sir

  2. Thanks. I'm using starling textfield and as there is no appendText I created a couple of extra variables to make it work. They are a simple int var (which ++ after every frame) and a string variable (which I did += splitarray[int var] after every frame). Then starlingtextfield = string variable.

  3. Hello Mr Adam Khoury! Thank you for your very good educational video! I wrote a code for typing text effect but i don t know how to BOLD some specific words of the text or how to change the color. Have you any idea how to do this?
    — This is my code —
    import flash.utils.Timer;
    import flash.events.TimerEvent;

    var str:String = 'Τι είναι το μικροσκόπιο;nnΜικροσκόπιο είναι το όργανο που μας δίνει την δυνατότητα να παρατηρήσουμε τους μικροοργανισμούς ή αλλιώς μικρόβια, σε μεγέθυνση. Κατά την διάρκεια των χρόνων τα μικροσκόπια εξελίχθηκαν και πλέον μας δίνουν την δυνατότητα να μεγεθύνουμε έως και 500.000 φορές αυτό που παρατηρούμε.';
    var i:uint = 0;
    var timer:Timer = new Timer (100);

    function gotime(e:TimerEvent){
    if (i>=str.length){
    thetxt.text = ""; // resets the text field
    i = 0; // starts from the first index
    //No Need to stop the timer since you are going to restart the animation

  4. really great tutorial, but in my case it's not very efficient,…in the past, flash have function called "timeline effect", that function make this typing text effect a lot easier,… is there a way to this typing text easier???

  5. Hi! I tried copying your code and my Flash said this:
    "Scene 1, Layer 'myArray', Frame 1, Line 6 1120: Access of undefined property tf."
    Could you help me?

  6. simple and easy program. Great thanks. I am new to flash. Pl let em know how I can have mathematical expressions.and how I can change the  position of the  output.

  7. Great tutorial.
    Is there any way to have multiple pages of text? I would like to have some text appear, then pause so people can read it, then disappear so more text can appear in its place. Is this possible?

  8. I've followed the steps, but why isn't it still working for me? I even copied and pasted the code in the page your video's description link leads to, but it keeps having an issue with the "tf.appendText(myArray.shift());" part, describing an "access of undefined property tf". I see it works for you, but why isn't it working for me?

  9. I would like to know how to make words in a paragraph appear word by word and each time the new word appears the previous word disappear. I want to use this in practice reading so the student will not go back to the previous word if he or she gets stuck reading the new word that appeared. Thank you for the help

  10. Hi adam, the tutorial is really informative. What I want to know is that after displaying some text the textarea is filled and any additional text goes beyond the screen and is invisible. How to overcome this problem? And also tell me how to add extra animations for this like showing a progessbar indicating the amount of text loaded and more. Please make a tutorial on this so that I will be helpful for Adobe Flash layman.
    Thank you.

  11. Your tutorial is very nice.I am very new I am having CS 5.5 student Teacher edition. I tried to repeat your tutorial but can't get dynamic text in text field but could get TLF .Is it possible for you to guide me how to proceed ? Great thanks in advance .

  12. Hi Adam,
    I'm having some trouble with my animation. I'm using this code to animate some text in flash CS5, and it works fine until I preview the movie. Then it starts randomly omitting some of the characters from the dialogue I had entered in. Most of the capital letters are omitted as well as all of my punctuation and other random lowercase letters. I don't have this problem if I preview the animation scene by scene.
    Do you think you could help me out?

  13. I don't know a thing about action script (though I've been exposed to the world of code before), and this tutorial was easy to follow and enormously helpful. Thank you, sir.

  14. mine is not working, i do everything in the same way, except that i made it in frame 5 ..
    i ctrl enter it but nothing happens.. 🙂 maybe you could help me ? 😀

  15. Is there anyway to make characters appear with timing other than by frame rate? Also, is there a way to cause the characters to fade in through actionscript? I'm surprised flash doesn't have a 'fade in from left to right' function, and am looking for a workaround that can be streamlined.

  16. import flash.events.Event;

    var myString:String = "Put your text here. And for a linebreak, just type n And for a double one, it's nn You see? "
    var myArray:Array = myString.split("");
    addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, frameLooper);
    function frameLooper(event:Event):void {
    if (myArray.length > 0){
    } else {
    removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, frameLooper);

    I hope this is helpful, because the website is down.

  17. @barbgustav
    when you select your text tool you get two drop-down menus. In one you have the option to use "Classic Text" or "TLF Text." You want "Classic Text." That's when you get the options for static, dynamic, or input (this vid tut uses a dynamic textfield) . If you have TLF selected then the other drop-down menu has read only, selectable, and editable instead.

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