Canvas Bootcamp 8 – Transformation Effects

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In this JavaScript canvas programming exercise you can learn to apply transformation effects like scale, skew, rotate, translate and understand the transform matrix.


11 thoughts on “Canvas Bootcamp 8 – Transformation Effects”

  1. Why is it scale makes boxes go left???
    So in css when you scale an obkect it just grows or shrinks in here you set x and y coordinate and when you scaled down it move its coordinates and shrinks down, but you set x and y coordinates, what' the magic?

  2. Can you specify a different center of rotation, other than (0,0). I mean, ideally, I would want to rotate something around its center, not around (0,0). Or do I have to do some math and compensate with translation? It would be quite a lot of math for every time you rotate something. 

  3. I know you dont normally look or answer you comments, however im very impressed with your videos and have liked all of them. Hpwever the Preloader video that you did failed to answer some very important key questions. I have completed every thing up to where the the blue circle loads and then from there you magicly jumped to have this text that counts itself and i have no idea how you do that … secondly how do i then take this file and apply it to my site… Can you make a n add on i know its late but it wil sooth alot of questions thankyou. Can you show adding it to a normal website with things that need loading

  4. Hey Adam great video enjoying it. Anyways I’m trying to make a movie site not sure what to do I will like it to display movie like IMDB movie info doses and also have multiple genres and actors please help

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