Canvas Bootcamp 15 – Animated Background Layers

Lesson Code:
Learn to render animated background layers on your canvas with JavaScript. The background only needs to travel to its next tile, when it gets there we set it back to its starting position for a seamless effect.


14 thoughts on “Canvas Bootcamp 15 – Animated Background Layers”

  1. You are the Best I've seen yet at explaining JSON javascript etc. In a simple straightforward manner, yet teach useful and practical knowledge.
    I actually followed along and created the files and had a site working earlier, and started creating  my own JSON for the first time without copying / pasting and modifying that. 🙂
    I have watched a lot of your videos in a row, sat here all night mostly.
    I have bookmarked them all and will be back as a regular
    Thanks a lot for these!

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