10 Common YouTube SEO Mistakes | YouTube Optimization

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Are you making YouTube SEO (Optimization) mistakes that could be costing you
valuable views and slowing your channel growth? In this video, we cover 10
common mistakes new YouTuber’s make, and what you can do to avoid them.

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Our YouTube contributor, Luke Sherran, made these same mistakes himself when
he started out on YouTube. Save yourself a lot of time and frustration, and learn
from his mistakes. The good news is that these mistakes are relatively easy to
avoid when you follow the tips and advice in this video.

0:30 #1 Valuing Optimization over Quality – Content or techniques – what is more important?
1:18 #2 Writing Titles for SEO not the Users – Will Google-2009 Modus Operandi work for YouTube?
2:06 #3 Not Spending Time on Thumbnails – What is a good Thumbnail?
3:06 #4 Ruining Watch Time – How can I kill ranking of a good video, being overaggressive?
4:40 #5 Too Many CTAs – How many CTAs are too many?
5:28 #6 Researching Keywords During the Upload Process – When to do keyword research?
6:04 #7 Having Too Broad a Niche – How narrow should be your niche?
7:20 #8 Overlooking Interactive Features – Why does anyone use End Screens and Cards?
7:58 #9 Not Engaging with Your Audience – What comments should I ignore?
8:35 #10 sub4sub – Follow you follow me – a good idea?

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