The Biggest Opportunity in Local SEO Since Link Building [Google My Business]

Google My Business paid plans are coming soon. This was a video I wanted to cover as we have been seeing more activity on our end of our current GMB profiles. Last year, Google My Business Paid Plans started to join the discussion in 2019, when Google rolled out surveys to popular GMB profiles.

The surveys were looking to find out a few important things from listings owners, they wanted to know the following:

– How much people would pay for a Google My Business Paid Listing
– What features people would find most useful with a Paid Google My Business Listing
– What tiers people would choose based on the current available 4 options

Some of the basic features would include:

-Displaying Verified Licenses
-Call Reports and Recordings
-Instant Quotes
-Background Checks
-Featured Reviews

This is a great opportunity for any local business who wants to stand out in the market place by having an even more optimized Google My Business Listing.

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