SMS-15: Google Suggests that you add DatePublished and DateModified to your Structured Data

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Mark Traphagen, Content Strategy Director at Perficient Digital
Marie Haynes, Owner at Marie Haynes Consulting,
Gianluca Binelli, Founder at Booster Box


1:35 PART 1: Google is now encouraging you to consider adding datePublished and dateModified to your structured data

What value could this provide from an SEO perspective?
In what type of scenario would you use this information?
In what type of scenario wouldn’t you use this information?
Does WordPress publish this as standard?

8:01 PART 2: Google introduces ad strength indicator –
and also reporting for responsive search ads

What data feeds into the ad strength indicator?
How can you improve your score?
What impact will improving your score have?
What reporting is available for responsive search ads?

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16:43 PART 3: Content Marketing Close-Up feature

Today we’re looking at an article called “Mobile vs Desktop Usage in 2018: Mobile takes the lead” which was published on

This is part of a study series which has been quite successful for you in the past – why so?
What our other guests would have done differently

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