Show Me The Links 2.5: Local Links. Live Q&A – Your Questions Answered

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4:15 What do you mean by local for the purposes of this webinar?
5:03 How does a local client differ from a big brand client?
6:16 What do you ladies think about Google’s new rel= attributes?
9:21 What are some ways that small businesses can get reviews?
10:40 Can you offer a discount or something free to a client who gives you a review?
13:17 What impact can just a couple of negative reviews have on a small business?
17:08 What should businesses do when they get bad reviews? Should they also respond to good reviews?
18:41 How would you respond if someone gave you a 4 start review because they thought a 5 star review would not seem genuine?
20:11 What are some good linkable assets that will help attract local links?
30:37 Is it ok to have irrelevant niches linking to a local site?
36:15 Is is better to have a local irrelevant link than a relevant national one?
39:26 Would you recommend the Skyscraper technique for local businesses?
45:04 How can local businesses build links without creating content on their site?
50:15 How important is it for them to attempt to turn mentions into links? How do you approach that?
53:26 What are some ways to get local links to a brand new site when you don’t have a large budget?
57:25 What are some guerilla marketing ideas for local sites?

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