SEMrush Toolbox #2: Site Audit tool

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For slides, transcripts and other extras please check:

0:00 Webinar begins

7:28 Start of introduction to the site auditing tool.

10:50 Statistics Tab

12:20 Errors Warnings & Notices Explained

14:00 Thematic Reports

16:40 Site Performance

20:22 Dawn Anderson’s Input Begins

24:10 Some of the problems Dawn regularly comes across.

26:05 Most common issue on notices

27:50 Mixed Content Issues

31:00 Use trello boards to delegate tasks

38:45 Start of Questions & Answers

39:10 What is a realistic site audit score?

50:40 If many other factors are well scored, do I need to worry about things like duplicate meta descriptions?

54:51 Which other tools are good to use for site auditing?

59:10 What about markup for local businesses?


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