Ranking My Client #1 For "Dallas Plumbers" in Less Than 180 Days [Local SEO Plumbers]

Client: https://texasgreenplumbing.com/
Date: August 21, 2020
Position: 26 (Dallas Plumbing)

In this video you’re going to learn a tactical, yet strategic way to rank a “plumbing” website on the first page of the Google search results for even the most difficult keywords. In this video specifically, we got approval from on of our clients Texas Green Plumbing to use as an example. The target keywords and services for this campaign are going to be:

– Dallas Plumbing

The location we’re going to target in this series are going to be:

– Richardson TX
– Dallas TX


Before working with the client, the client was using a WordPress website but wasn’t seeing much results. We reviewed the client website to see what was working and what was not. One of the immediate issues we noticed with the website was several Google Search Console (know as webmaster tools) issues that were hindering the sites search performance. These issues included:

– URL was subject to a manual action
– URL was not mobile friendly (mobile first indexing)
– Text was too small to read
– Clickable elements were to close together
– Content was wider than the screen

The first step to getting the site to rank higher, was to revamp the website to ensure prelaunch SEO settings were done correctly. These items include:

– Making sure each page targets a specific keyword
– The Url structure of the website is categorized correctly
– Doing the proper keyword research to find low hanging fruit keyword phrases
– Using a page structure that would benefit the user experience of the page
– Making a mobile friendly website version that users would benefit from

Because our agency only works with clients that want to revamp their website, we can accurately do our prelaunch SEO and get it right the first time. This is critical because it is often easier to just rebuilt the website rather than working on a website with several issues.


The client mentioned to us that the services they were looking to get more business in were in the following areas:

– Plumbing
– Plumbing Repair
– Slab Leak Repair
– Slab Leak Detection
– Leak Detection
– Plumbing Inspections
– Hydrostatic Test

Naturally, our SEO team came up with an SEO sitemap that addressed all of the keywords we found using SEMRush, our favorite SEO tool.

A website sitemap is an organized list of the connections between web pages, website content, and keywords. A website should never be made without having a website sitemap to properly prepare your campaign. For a link to see the website sitemap we used for Texas Green Plumbing, see the link below.

Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12R7oa4q429VaazxvptUbZUta8VNavHb8uVXl6N8OcyM/edit?usp=sharing.

With that being said, we also created a template for you to follow if you are going to creating a plumbing site with SEO in mind. Generally these are the keywords we noticed have the most search volume in the plumbing niche. Here is the templated list you can use:

Plumbing in Location
Plumbers Location
Location plumbing 
Location emergency plumbing 
Location plumbing inspections 
Location commercial plumbing 
Location kitchen plumbing 
Location kitchen plumbers 
Location fixture repair and installation 
Location leak detection 
Location plumbers 
Location emergency plumbers 
Location commercial plumbers 
Location slab leak detection 
Location sewer leak detection 
Location pool leak detection 
Location kitchen leak detection 
Location gas leak detection and repair 
Location patio leak detection 
Location crawl space leak detection 
Location shower pan leak detection 
Location tankless water heater repair 
Location tankless water heater replacement 
Location  drain cleaning 
Location sewer line repair and replacement 
Location sump pump repair 
Location plumbing inspections 

Our client mentioned to us the most important keywords although, were:

– Dallas Plumber
– Dallas Leak Detection
– Richardson Plumbing
– Richardson Leak Detection

What plumber wouldn’t want to rank for those keywords phrases?

Watch the video to learn more!

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