Manual Actions report in Search Console – Google Search Console Training

In this episode of Search Console Training, Daniel Waisberg shows what to do if your site has any Google Search manual actions issued against it. Having manual actions issued can lead to some or all of your site not being shown in Google Search results.

List of manual actions →
Google’s webmaster guidelines →

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12 thoughts on “Manual Actions report in Search Console – Google Search Console Training”

  1. Hello,

    I hope you’re all doing good!

    Today, I want to know the answer of structured data.

    Well, I don't know what's wrong but I have implement structured data in my blog and I also tested from structured data Testing Tool. There is no error in that.

    After Google May Core 2020 Update I got these results ( and I am not sure what happened. Even I try to search these things in many ways but I didn't get any answer.

    Can anyone let me know what happened? Google are no more accept this?

    On top of this, I can find that page index done properly with structured data ( but not showing these results when I am searching in Google (

    Can anyone help me with this or Guide?

    Before the May core 2020 update, it works properly but now I can't see the results of structured data.



  2. Good info, please make a video on how to find out if a website was hit with an algorithmic penalty and what to do about it. With manual actions, at least the webmaster knows what's wrong and how to deal with it, with an algorithmic penalty they are in the dark playing guessing game.

  3. Thanks Daniel, I've bought a domain to begin a website of mine, and then I found that the previous owner stuffed this domain with bad content/malicious and spam. I removed the manual actions as you instructed.

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