Indian Search Marketing Academy – Monetize your WordPress website

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The next episode of “Indian Search Marketing Academy” is dedicated to the topic of how to monetize your WordPress website.

Nitin Manchanda hosted JVivek Ahlawat and Kulwant Nagi, they conducted a 360-degree tutorial for an intermediate and advanced audience.

00:00 – 05:13 Speakers introduction by Nitin Manchanda
05:14 – 10:20 Content creation, tips on raising organic traffic and monetizing it from Vivek Ahlawat
14:39 – 40:44 Best practices of Affiliate marketing from Kulwant Nagi
41:07 – 50:08 Questions and answers
50:32 – 51:48 Key takeaways from Vivek Ahlawat
53:40 – 54:20 Key takeaways from Kulwant Nagi
54:21 – 55:09 Closing note by Nitin Manchanda


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