I’m rethinking social media…

I’m rethinking social media… I know this video is different…my promise to you is that this is a safe place. Your voice matters. Your story matters. And I will fiercely protect this community from intolerance. I am learning and I am committed to my continued growth and in listening to BIPOC to ensure I am showing up in a way that makes a true impact. There is a lot going on behind the scenes in my business, personal life and relationships – not everything is documented on social media, but please know that I am doing the work, now and forever.


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“Me and White Supremacy” by Layla F Saad: https://www.amazon.com/Me-White-Supremacy-Combat-Ancestor/dp/1728209803

Be kind. Take action with empathy.

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27 thoughts on “I’m rethinking social media…”

  1. I like how you point out that if we just take the time to listen… We don't have to agree on whatever, but LISTEN!!! We have a consumer society. Youtube, Social Media….. consume consume consume. Stopping and listening selflessly to someone baring their heart is very contrary to the flow of society at large and it takes a lot of effort to break the habit of consuming everything and GIVE time, attention etc. A man who had been horribly sexually abused as a child and is coming out of that said "Transparency is the first step to freedom". Transparency take vulnerability. In this world of consumption it's hard to feel like you can be transparent about depression, anger, confusion, anxiety. But, we as individuals are only in charge of ourselves, so we can start there. To be the listening ear even if what we are listening to we disagree with.

  2. I came across your videos today… loved them, subscribed, hit the bell. And then I saw this video – straight from your heart, authentic, open and transparent. I'm now very much team Sunny! Keep being beautiful you <3 Love and kindness.

  3. Love this! I have recently started following you and I love your honest truth.
    Everyone has their own opinion and you are totally allowed your own even if you are judged by the minority. Get rid of those negative people!

    Love that you are using your position to spread such good words 👏 xx

  4. Some people like apple. Others like orange only. Few like bananas handful like mango better. Based on those, they go to different channels. But when you mixed apples with oranges, you just created a conflict for the audience based on above info. That’s what happened to you when you built this channel but spoke out. SOLUTION: Keep this channel. Build another channel (another brand) that is all about your voice on everything. Just my two cents. But I’ve been wrong before.

  5. Love this video so much, Sunny! I've been having the same internal wrestle with social media. If we're building a platform that has influence and a voice we also have a responsibility to use it for good and to help leave this planet a better place than we found it.

    I just watched your 'I blew up my algorithm' vid and then came here.

    I can't thank you enough for inspiring me and helping shine the way. This addresses the lack of congruence I've been feeling that I know has been an unconscious block.

    I was umming and aaahing about taking your course and with this video you've made me realise that I definitely want to hang in your orbit.

    Thank you for stepping up as a true leader ♥️♥️♥️

  6. That's crazy, I can't believe you received such a negative response!!! Except that I can because there are a lot of people who STILL are absolutely intolerant and blind to others' narratives. I think it's awesome you were able to speak up and in our age brands shouldn't be silent. So many of my friends are refusing to support companies who have not shown support for BLM among other movements. In the age of technology and social media, these mass brands that have ginormous reach influence the opinions of our generation and the those to come. We shouldn't have such a level of discrepancy between people, races and cultures at this point. You go girl!

  7. Today is the first day I have met you online Sunny and I would like to thank you for what you do. My power is to stop people killing themselves…because I've been there. All my systems are to achieve that end state. To now find out that your systems are based on MOTIVE and INTENT is impressive. To watch this video, shows you are taking your profile seriously. You are demonstrating what Andrea Edwards coined as 'Social Responsibility.' It is easier to just do what you do well and play it safe…which you're not. May I please also ask you to protect yourself and to create boundaries for yourself. The moment you go on social media you drop all defenses and open yourself up. Just a quick message to you and anyone reading this, to please be safe and to create safe places for your people online. Social Media is a neutral AMPLIFIER like a megaphone. It will amplify what you point it at…good to see you being CONSCIOUS where you are pointing your megaphone and together, we can help those with the issues that are being amplified. (Stop apologizing though. You are ALLOWED to feel how you feel.) I have a speech called 'Make Peace With The Mirror' that I share as the start point…Social Media has become so many peoples new 'mirror.' We have to change that. (I won't post the link here, but you are welcome to it if it resonates.) God bless sister, you are doing great things…HUMAN things. Respect.

  8. I've just started watching you and very much appreciate your heart
    And ideas. As a woman who has been around a long time…. I want to caution you to not fall into the self righteousness of thinking your beliefs are dead on. With 80% of the media doing an amazing job of twisting the truth,
    I encourage you to always check out the many different sides of the stories. The brainwashing that is going on in our country now is unprecedented. I want to make it illegal for the news media to purposefully lie or hold out the truth. They are a huge force in dividing our country. Please don't be fooled. You really must be diligent to form your own opinions based on the big picture.
    There are so many that cannot see the forest for the trees right now But think that they do. God bless you on your journey of self discovery and helping others.

  9. I'm taking you up on your challenge then. You said "your voice matters, your story matters". Here's my voice. I agree with everything you've said about the broken social media system. But you said we need to listen to eachother outside of our own echo chambers so here I am coming from the opposite side of the spectrum. I'm Puertorican. White privilege doesn't exist. The concept has been debunked over and over again by smart men like Jordan Peterson and even Louder Woth Crowder on his change my mind series. Even other smart black men have made lengthy and logical arguments against the idea. (Thomas Sowell, Larry elder, Candace Owens).

    As for George Floyd? He died in a horrible way, but as logical people we should be able to hold more than one position on a matter at the same time. George floyd died a horrible way, but if you know anything about his record he was also a career criminal and horrible person. This is one of the problems with the Black community, they talk down on their wise accomplished leaders, men like Thomas Sowell and Larry Elder, Candace Owens, Brandon Tatum, Frederick Douglas even, and they choose to uplift their worst. George Floyd was not a hero. His daughers feelings aside (that's a seperate topic). I'm sure Hitler's family was heart broken when he died as well, doesn't mean Hitler should be held up as a hero and celebrated. Everything BLM stands for and on is just half truths and misinformation. Police aren't going around targeting the black community. The statistic that is always quoted is that the black community is somehow targeted more because we see more black people shot by cops than white people. That's a half truth. If we're talking about straight amounts, white people are shot more. If we're talking about ratios black people are shot more. But what they don't mention to you is why. The reason black people encounter more police and are involved in deadly incidents like that is because black people commit 50% of all crime despite only being roughly 15% of the whole population. (And I'm quoting the same FBI statistic sources they quote from except I'm giving THE WHOLE truth). That tells me tht black people are disproportionately committing more crime than white people on a ratio level which explains why they are incarcerated more and encounter more police.

    Another thing they don't want to talk about is the fact that only a handful of black people actually got shot by police, many of them were justifiably shot (like the guy at the Wendys who took the officers tazer) but yet they're still marching as if their deaths are injustices. Meaning they're inflating the problem and lying again. They also don't tell you that the very small amount of black people shot by cops that you see on the media are literally a drop in the ocean of people black folk whokill on a regular basis. Black on black crime? The numbers are wild. You can't call something a systemic issue when literally only like 1% of the entire black population is getting shot by cops all while the rest of them are getting shot by other black men and women. BLM is lying to you and the whole narrative is based on lies. When about 70 black men, women and CHILDREN were killed this 4th of July weekend where was Black lives Matter? They only march, protest, and create riots when a white cop kills a black man but they're calm cool and collective when a black man kills another black man or child. It's disappointing to me that so many people don't notice the fact that the media always purposely chooses to show stories of black men getting killed by white cops but they never show stories of white cops getting killed by black men or black cops killing white men. Sounds like an agenda against white people doesn't it? Think about it.

    I appreciate that you felt the need to speak up and I'm glad you were able to experience what I've had to experience for pretty much my whole life speaking up on social media, but I sincerely advise you look into the situation more. You have much more influence than I do and if you're going to start speaking up at least speak up the truth. Don't keep spreading the lies about BLM.

    Black people can improve as a people. But the first thing they need to improve is their mindset. There is nothing stopping them, and nothing in the way but themselves. They need to fix their culture. And stop playing the victim card. They refuse ( not all of them) to live in the present, they want to continue being viewed as victims of slavery even though MOST of them have not even experienced what it means to be a slave. They will never get ahead in life until they stop living in the past and pick themselves up by the bootstraps. And if they don't have boots (like someome tried to clevery use against me as a "point" that they thought was smart) then they can go learn how to make some boots and use those just like the rest of us who have to fight our way out of mediocrity and poverty day after day. No free passes. Stop the lies. #TruthMatters

  10. I see your authenticity and your courage. Thank you. I would have kept going because there are so many cookie cutter (echo chamber) folks in this niche, but I subscribed because of this video.

  11. How brave of you to post this. Being true to yourself and keeping great morals as you have is what means the most in life. ….Way beyond what more subscribers could bring you.

  12. Hey you are an amazing women and I love everything you do and stand for. The world is still very racist and will continue to be no way around it. Keep making great content giving amazing value to your core fan base. We all love you ❤️

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