36 thoughts on “How to make YouTube HD & HQ Web Graphics – Fireworks CS4 Video Tutorial”

  1. I was just wondering about something you said. "I'll change it to from vector to bitmap because I don't want any distortion when I scale it down", or something like that. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

  2. Anyone know how to get a video to disappear from my subscription box after watching? My You Tube was doing this, but for some reason stopped. Now the video just stays on my subscription box after watching. I tried clicking on Exclude videos I have already watched in the edit section of my subscription video box. Some help in this matter would greatly be appreciated.

  3. 666
    [1] Press number 6 on your keyboard three times
    [2] Think of a colour
    [3] Copy and paste this to any video but this
    [4] Refresh the page and look at all the text

  4. Awesome work brah, made it with ease.

    never knew FW had to many hidden features..

    i was always creating shit graphics using custom shapes…

    and yeah you guys might not be able to figure stuff out directly…like the inward shadow, so you can do it by applying your own methods…


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