How to Display Different Sidebar for Each Post or Page in WordPress

Are you looking to have different sidebars for different areas on your site? Most themes have a sidebar area that will show the same sidebar no matter the page but you don’t always want to do that. In this video, we will show you how to display a different sidebar for each post and page in WordPress.

Text version of this tutorial:

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Summary of this tutorial:

For this tutorial we will be using the Easy Custom Sidebars plugin:

Easy Custom Sidebars

With the plugin installed and activated you will want to visit Appearance, Theme Sidebars to create your custom sidebars.

Set a name for your sidebar that will help you remember what you are replacing and choose from the dropdown which sidebar to replace.

Also add the pages, posts, or other selections that you want this sidebar to appear on.

This will add a new location in your Appearance, Widgets area where you can add widgets for the selected places on your site.


26 thoughts on “How to Display Different Sidebar for Each Post or Page in WordPress”

  1. I want 2 sidebar widgets on my front page, and I want them to display the top few articles/blogs that are on that corresponding page. This tutorial seems applicable but I can not figure out how to make that happen.

  2. Can you add different content in the footer widgets on each page – video etc? Ive added a video on one page in the footer widget but it shows up on all pages. Id like a different video on each page in the footer widget. Possible?

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