27 thoughts on “How to Create Custom Flash Sound Effects with Fruity Loops 9 CS4 CS5.5”

  1. I'm interested in creating a sound effects board of wav files for my iPhone but i make beginners look masterful with my level of experience.  possible with F L ?

  2. Good video! I am not particularly interested in Fruity loops program but I am interested in how to take those buttons and use them on a html page. Would love to see that. Thanks. PS I Have dreamweaver

  3. Please Do some FL9 tutorials , you are the best on this tutorials.

    Clear, simple, neat and to the point.

    Thanks for top quality info.

    By the way can you masterize voices with FL? or do you know any Good free program to do it?

  4. Definitely get on the FL Studio tutorials. I've used it a bit, but I'd love to see if there is anything I've missed, and tips that I can pick up from you.

    Look forward to them :).

  5. Awesome tutorial
    Thanks so much for your golden tips sir
    You are genus Adam
    people like you make youtube more popular
    Keep educating us on youtube
    God bless you 🙂

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