How To Choose the Right PPC channel

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For this week’s Weekly Wisdom video, I will explain how to choose the right PPC channel to reach internet users who are of the right state of mind for what you are selling. A common mistake that people make when distinguishing between the different forms of pay per click advertising is to distinguish by platform. Another common mistake is to assume that one platform is better than another. I am often asked, what is better for driving sales, Google or Facebook ads? And really, the answer is that it depends. It depends on what it is, and the state of mind of the people who want to buy it.

Before I begin, let me introduce myself. My name is Joel Bondorowsky, I am SEMrush’s PPC academy professor and also founder of PPC Designs, a boutique ad agency that specializes in large mass market performance based paper click advertising campaigns.

The Four Steps of the Decision Making Funnel

So let me begin by explaining what I mean by the state of mind of your users. There are several steps that a person takes in their mind before they make a purchase. These steps can be illustrated by the decision making funnel. Most of us are familiar with the concept of a sales funnel, an example of a sales funnel could be one where users enter a landing page, view a shopping cart, proceed to checkout, and finally make a purchase. Funnels are shaped like a cone because as users progress down it, their numbers decrease, just as how the volume in a funnel decreases towards the bottom. Sales funnels illustrate the steps that one must take in order to complete a purchase. The decision making funnel, on the other hand, illustrates the steps and one’s mind that one must take before they decide that they want to take action and buy something. The decision making funnel is comprised of four steps. These are awareness, interest, desire, and action.


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