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30 thoughts on “How Search Works website”

  1. This must be good news for little people like me who have to fend for themselves. I'll be satisfied once I learn some of the dynamics that would give my sight a fair amount of exposure. (Without having to be so hotsie-patootsie about 'page rank'.)

  2. Ca nous intéresse pas ton bla bla bla !!! Avant ont faisaient un site, ont gagnaient de l'argent. Maintenant, ont fait un site, ont gagnent plus rien !!! Nous ont  a aussi des factures à payer, des enfants a nourrir !  T!!!!u nous pourris la vis et en plus tu ments sur toute la ligne… Même en faisant des sites de qualités et même en étant bien positionné sur pleins de bonnes requettes. Ont fait plus rien… Tout ça, c'est du bla bla bla !!!

  3. Hey Matt and Google great video. Lots of neat tidbits of information. I especially liked the part about only 5% of the group responding back to you on reconsideration efforts! I also appreciate how over the years you've been more willing to share you information with us web guys. Not all of us are evil and do want to help our clients achieve success with their businesses on the internet. Keep up the great work guys!

  4. Hello Matt, I want to know how Google handle links to 404 pages? My forum somehow was attacked by pure spam creators so i deleted a whole forum but it was in directory so now my domain shows more than 1500 irrelative linking domains to my site. Should I disavow them? Or Google doesn't take in to count the links that point to 404 pages?

  5. Time for google to actually engage with webmasters. You make the tools better all the time but it's impossible for site owners not involved with seo to always adhere to your version of the right thing. When us down here people get hurt by negative seo campaigns, you just don't get it. Why not allow us to disavow bullshit links with a click in wmt rather than having to submit a txt file which may or may not be in the correct format. If we do manage to do that, why not at least respond with a message indicating that the file was received or not and that the format was accepted or not? Hardly difficult for google, but surely useful for us non professional seo people who's only desire is to do good. We're all trying to get to the same place, but we're not all trying to beat you. Help us more Matt. jpl

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