how I'm disrupting the algorithm.

how I’m disrupting the algorithm. / Following up on last week’s video (watch here: I wanted to dive deeper into how I’m making changes moving forward, particularly on social media but also offline.


To support the Black Lives Matter Movement:
A Healthy You! A Healthy You is a IRS registered non-profit created to directly address all aspects of one’s humanity and health including, socially, economically, and academically. Our mission is to build individuals so that they can build their community. It is these transformed communities that comprises a changed world. With the right vision and focus, its really that simple.



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Me and White Supremacy by Layla F Saad:

How to be an Anti-Racist by Ibram X. Kendi:

So you want to talk about Race by Ijeoma Oluo:

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Ivirlei Brookes:

Be kind. Take action with empathy.

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31 thoughts on “how I'm disrupting the algorithm.”

  1. ADVICE: One topic you have is YouTube Marketing. The other topic is a highly volatile national cause. And you're surprised at the response?

    At 5:20 you made the decision to dilute your brand and confuse your audience.

    Your sub count is a reflection of this decision.

    It is my hope, that you pick up Amazon Kindle. Then buy books on branding. Because you think you can do both – YouTube Marketing Tutorials with Social causes.

    Your improvement will only come when you have a clear defining channel. The more defined your channel is, the more subs you gain.

    Question: Which decision builds a channel? One with a clearly defined topic? Or a channel with two clearly defined topics?

    Right. One clearly defined channel with one topic. Why? Because people don't search for channels using, "Make money on YouTube and "X" topic.

    Your best customers will always come when you focus on one topic for each channel. Which helps a person solve a problem.

    Tip: Create another channel, which helps your desired cause. Why? No one is searching for two combined topics.

    Your choice. I'm just passing through. I have no skin in this game. I'm merely pointing out the obvious. Take care of yourself and do what has worked out better results for you.

    Remember also, another channel will increase your costs both in time and resources.

    It's time you took out a pen and paper and realize what the difference is for you? Between working for a living and working for a social cause.

    Draw a line down the middle of the page. Now list both sides, working for a living, and working for a social cause.

    The old saying, "Never bring your personal problems to work. And never bring your work problems home.

    That's the key to sanity and peace in your life.

  2. It’s really nice to hear someone say that “do you don’t worry about a lane” . I am a disabled woman and I’ve been trying to restart my vlog, to share my experience what it’s like. But the last month or two I’ve been so obsessed with other things like learning to edit Videos, How to get more viewers, etc. that I forgot why I started doing this. For example, I did a video on what it was like to be quarantine in the nursing home, I haven’t left my room since April. And I just realized that I got the details right but that’s all it really was about, the details. Not about how I FEEL or what is been like to not see ANY of my friends or family since April or what it’s like to not have anyone to talk with because I can’t leave my room.Thank you for reminding me why I started this.

  3. 🔥🔥🔥I Hope you get this 🔥🔥🔥 everyone is growing and learning and I am pleasantly surprised but the change as you are ELEVATING And you are getting to see the difference between customers and your community of believers who believe in the whole you.
    Yes, I also appreciated your teaching that had you in the category of teaching “social media marketing” and I see your change and have a few comments.
    Your healing with your being you is happening as you continue to be real and you feel more validated as you separate from one niche to community of those who need your voice. Because they of the hurt and experiences in your life many people who are hungry for someone they can believe in will shift from following you because they want to learn social media to following because you journey to overcome the wounds and Emotional scars they have. They about the bigger picture. 😇 You will be speaking at women’s business conferences but how cool is it when you can teach more than success and include the areas you had to think about and address to be comfortable with speaking into other people’s lives. I made a list so I can save all that Sunny has to say. I will be watching because conversations that matter are more important and losing followers means they were not following you but only interested in your social media nuggets. Know the real you is coming out and people are meeting YOU. Not just your content. I am a man struggling to help the homeless and poor but I enjoy learning how to grow online. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I am trying to build a community for the people who feel like no one cares. .joseph romero and yes I am a man with a big heart and will not chase money. Even if I am broke my integrity can’t be bought. Chains Off Is something we all are learning to do.

  4. Thank you for publishing this video. Your sincerity is inspirational Sunny and good reference for all of us. I don't comment much, but please continue with your mission; it is most appreciated. Good luck and keep safe. 🍀💕👌

  5. Sunny, I’ve followed you for years now. I, like others apparently always saw you as having the perfect life. First, thank you for your recent authenticity and heart/art. Second, when you talk about not having a voice and learning now, in your discomfort, to find and really use it, I want to suggest to you that the feeling of constriction in your throat, the inability to find your voice in the past, is a symptom of trauma. Not necessarily PTSD, but C-PTSD. The trauma that comes from daily, insidious, small or not, events that impact us on a gut level. You are breaking free. So am I right now. So are many, many others because Not to find our voices, not to say our truths, not to be authentic is to allow ‘ignorance is bliss‘ to win. And That, is the worst possible fate for us and for the world. I too am a white woman. I’m a 63-year-old white woman. Some would say I should just quietly fade out. But I won’t. I can’t. I’ve been inspired by COVID-19, by George Floyd and the reaction to his death and the death or traumatizing of others whose only ‘crime’ is that they don’t ‘look right’ or ‘act right’ in someone in authority’s perception. We who lose our voices and then find them have been given a gift. You know how demoralizing it is when you can’t speak up, speak out. We are present and sensitive to the pain in the world. Remember Sunny, the YOU ARE THE CHANGE. Keep changing. Keep talking. Those who hear you, really hear you, will follow.

  6. I usually don't comment on videos either. In fact, I stopped watching your videos until just now. Then I found myself back tracking to watch the video that preceded this one and the others that came after this. I have to say it's so great to finally meet you, Sunny! And I love how you're showing up these days! 😊💯

  7. Hi Sunny,
    I hardly ever comment on any YouTube videos, I can’t remember the last time I did. I just had to comment on this video. Such an inspiring video! Good for you for standing up and speaking out. Much love and respect.

  8. Sunny, new sub here. It's good to see you being real and not so "turned up" and perfect. I like the real you, and I encourage you to increase your circle of influence to THE TRUTH (it's not YOUR truth) about BLM. It's not about injustice or brutality or the black condition. The real info, history, causes & motivation is out there, just look for it. It's important to do this bc you probably don't want to throw your energy & influence behind something nefarious and evil.

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