Google Ads Tutorials: Managing Search budgets in dynamic times

To ensure your top-performing campaigns are efficient and don’t miss out on potential conversions, it’s important to plan and optimize your Search budgets. In this video, learn three key budget best practices:

1) Forecasting with Performance Planner
2) When to use Shared budgets vs optimization score budget recommendations
3) Budget recommendations available in optimization score

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8 thoughts on “Google Ads Tutorials: Managing Search budgets in dynamic times”

  1. Two things on my wishlist Google:
    1. Please can we add Video campaigns to shared budgets
    2. Please can even low volume / performance campaigns be allowed to be included in the performance planner? Or even better – can the entire account be used in performance planner?
    A lot of people like me are always asked to predict the future – using the performance planner is a good way to show this but it's often limited to a set number of campaigns

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