24 thoughts on “Facebook Groups Presents: JR’s Barbeque”

  1. الله يلعن ابوكم فكونا من اعلاناتكم والله التطبيق مات خلاص ما بيرجع الله ياخذكم خلاااااااااص

  2. Can someone official from Facebook please contact me? My account has been disabled and I tried uploading my ID many times and it is not working. During this season of Covid 19 I need to not only keep in contact with friends and families but I also have my businesses to run bills to pay. My account was disabled without warning or reason. What I'm concerned about is that Facebook does not have any way to be contacted directly and to make things worse their help centre is not allowing me to appeal or use other means to let them know the issues that I am experiencing. I have had my account for almost 15 years and I'm humbly asking if someone can just re-activate it for me please. #FacebookDisabledMe

  3. Why do I have to use my real name? Can I not value my privacy and keep my data away from people and Facebook (especially)?

    I find this dumb, we should be able to choose a display name. For e.g – 'Fundy'. It's not trying to impersonate or fake your social status, it's just your online name that you use because, think about it. Would you go online telling people your full name? No. You wouldn't. Maybe they should add a feature where you first choose your display name first, then have the option to give your full name to them, then decide if you want your full name to be displayed on your profile.
    I hope Facebook adds a feature similar or exactly the same.

  4. well you FINALLY banned antifa, the largest hate group on the planet and what did it take? 30+ dead, hundreds of people beaten within a inch of there lives. yet here you are banning every normal person with a opinion for hate speech….your are a failed company and with all the lying your CEO does you are within inches of being forced to close and your CEO thrown into jail

  5. Check out the disgusting racist page Issa King, Facebook is will not remove his page. I am getting rid of this stupid app because they're a bunch of racist idiots who support people who want all white children dead. No wonder their advertisers are leaving them!

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