5 Things to Do in Local SEO for 2019

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Local SEO often feels like an area where it’s hard to make a real impact on your overall Organic visibility. Google provides some general guidance for site owners to focus on, recommending we pay close attention to factors such as relevance, distance and prominence. Oftentimes, this advice isn’t actionable enough to develop strategies for your own sites. Thankfully, industry specialists regularly contribute findings from their own studies and are willing to lend a hand in Local forums.

In this webinar, we have Local SEO Specialist Brodie Clark on to discuss what makes Google’s local algorithm tick. The webinar will include a run down of 5 important areas that site owners need to master in 2019 to ensure they stay ahead of the curve, along with actionable strategies for making the most of each. These focal points include:

1. Effectively utilising Google My Business features
2. Focus on your off-site signals (hint: links)
3. Gather reviews, in the right places
4. The content on your website matters
5. Don’t forget your citations

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