5 Helpful Tips to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Blog

Choosing the right domain for your site is a major factor for your success. If you choose the wrong domain name it can make changing it to what you feel is better later on a major hassle. When first starting out finding the name that’s right for you can be difficult but in this video, we’ll share all of the tools and tips you need to get domain name ideas, choose the best domain, and register the domain name.

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The primary recommendation we have is to stay with a .com domain name if you can. They are the most recognizable and people tend to go to try the .com version of a domain first if they can’t remember it.

Next is to keep the domain short. A shorter domain name is not only easier to remember but is less likely to be misspelled and less time for your users to type out your domain name.

Make it a brandable URL, by that we mean make the name something that will stand out for your visitors without infringing on a trademark. That way, when they think about your niche they will think of your site’s name.

Avoid hyphens, while they were previously being pushed for, they gained a reputation for spam which is an association you don’t want for your site. There’s also the human factor of where to place the hyphen or if they remember the hyphen.

Leave room to expand, when selecting your domain name, if you make it a narrow subject area then you will only be able to talk about that subject matter. Rather than a domain about one specific vegetable, have a domain about fresh eating.

To help you think of a domain name, we have added links to nameboy and isitwp’s domain name generator should you not have a specific domain in mind. With your domain selected, you can use our BlueHost deal above for a free domain name on registration or you can purchase your domain through domain.com.

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