16 thoughts on “1/6 – Web Intersect Friend Add System Tutorial PHP jQuery MySQL Social Network”

  1. @Royalllllll i do get you but it gives the user a chance to re evaluate that they do want to be friends with that person anyway dude if you dont want that in there you take it out but this is the whole point of tutorials its showing you how to do something its not saying it has to be done this way

  2. @Royalllllll ok so tell me something would you of been able to create this script on your own with the help and tutorials series made by Adam i dont think you could so dont insult other peoples work and make your own scripts if you was a real web programmer you would understand why Adam put that option in there

  3. function toggleInteractContainers(x){
    hi please help me this function is not working

  4. can you do this sort of thing in flash and html or is this a method only php is capable of ? if it is possible could you do a video for those (preferably for flash cs3 )

  5. dude keep them rolling out lol a new series to enjoy and 1 that i think most people will want to use lol nice work bro and dont let me have to tell people i taught you everything you know lol ha ha ha 🙂 that would be the day i know lol

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