YouTube Algorithm EXPLAINED (7 Insider Secrets)

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Hey everyone, it’s Neil Patel here for another Q&A Thursday. I’m here with Adam LoDolce from

0:30 The question was on Facebook: it seems harder than ever to get engagement with the new algorithm change, especially for relatively small pages like theirs. If we have any thoughts on working with the updated YouTube algorithm as well, especially for small creators, they’d love to hear about it, and it looks like they have about 487 subscribers based on vidIQ.

If you want to get more traffic from YouTube, there are a few things you need to do.

2:00 YouTube Algorithm Tip #1
One, check out vidIQ, it’s an amazing tool, it’ll help you out, but the YouTube marketing, it’s not rocket science, it’s similar to SEO. Yes, there’s a lot of little components, but if you do them, you can do well. So the first one is to include the right keywords.

You can also use Ubersuggest as well, put in some keywords, it pulls from AdWords plus Google Suggest. It also pulls from YouTube as well, but if you do that, what you’ll do is you’ll get more recommendations on keywords that’ll drive more traffic.

3:30 YouTube Algorithm Tip #2
Another thing you want to do is have an appealing title, one that evokes curiosity. Just having the keywords in there isn’t enough. If your title doesn’t evoke curiosity, people aren’t going to click through, play, and then continue watching.

4:00 YouTube Algorithm Tip #3
In addition to that, you want to upload transcriptions. We talked about in the previous Q&A Thursday, and with you can pay a dollar per minute for transcription and what that does is when you upload it to YouTube, it’ll tell them what your content is about.

5:30 YouTube Algorithm Tip #4
Another tip that I’ve been finding to be very useful for especially small creators if you’re a business, I don’t know if you’re a business but if you wanna get your videos in front of a lot of people on YouTube, then you can really use advertisement to push those videos in front of people who have liked previous videos or have commented on previous videos, and the reason why this is so effective is it’s going to get those new videos that you produce, it’s going to get much more engagement on those videos, and YouTube loves engagement.

6:00 YouTube Algorithm Tip #5
The more engagement you get, YouTube is similar to Google, just normal, you know, their search algorithm, in which they’re looking at the overall authority of your channel, similar to how Googles looks at the overall authority of your website. So if you have a lot more videos that are doing well, it boosts the overall authority of your whole channel, and all your videos will start doing better.

6:30 YouTube Algorithm Tip #6
The biggest one is just thinking about how you want your audience to feel, right. A lot of people think about keyword topics, all this stuff, that’s nice, and all for your research, but ultimately, what I have all my clients do before they create a video, I do this myself, is just think at the end of the day, how do you want them to feel, right. Do you want them to be motivated, do you want them to laugh?

7:30 YouTube Algorithm 2018 Tip #7
I know the question at the beginning, you were saying, hey, Facebook isn’t giving you much reach, how could you do better on YouTube. Even though Facebook isn’t giving you much reach, if you create a video for a YouTube, upload it to Facebook, upload it to LinkedIn, upload it to any other social network that’ll accept your video. The reason being is, yes, Facebook may not give you as much reach as you want, but something’s better than nothing. If you already created the content, might as well get the most amount of views that you can from that video.

Make sure you leave a comment if you have any questions, I’ll answer no matter what, I promise. It may take me some time, but I’ll answer it, and if you want your question answered on next week’s Q&A Thursday video, make sure you leave a comment as well. Thank you for watching, please like, subscribe, share, tell other people about the video, I appreciate it. I hope this helps you out, thank you very much.


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