Why would an FAQ page rank above a site's homepage?

Alex asks:

“Sometimes, when you search for a company or so, you won’t get the main page as a search result. For example, you search for *example-company-name* and get their FAQ page listed first. How does that happen and how can we avoid it on our own websites?”


5 thoughts on “Why would an FAQ page rank above a site's homepage?”

  1. Good explanation, thanks. One question, Matt. I think I read recently that Google was dumping page rank. Was I misinformed? You mention it in regards to your main page and your blog page so it seems I may be mistaken.

    Many thanks,

  2. When I do a search to see all of the pages on a specific domain (ie. site:aol[dot]com to see all of the pages on the aol[dot]com domain, how are these prioritized? Is google listing these pages in order of relevancy? If so, relevancy to what? Usually the index page comes up first, but after that, sometimes the order that the pages are listed in don't make sense. Does anyone know anything about this?

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