Tweening Timeline Images Fade Transition Effect for Photoshop & Fireworks Imports

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Learn how to create a fade transition effect applied to certain images you assign in Flash CS3, CS4, 8, MX, whatever version of flash you have.


25 thoughts on “Tweening Timeline Images Fade Transition Effect for Photoshop & Fireworks Imports”

  1. This is a fantastic tutorial. Very clear. However, I didn't see you do anything special to cause the loop. It never stops. How is that? Was that something automatic? Please explain. Thanks, FB

  2. Okay, it's the next day after viewing your tutorial… I looked but couldn't find a way to have linkability on each of the images. Either the whole image, or preferably, a hot spot on each image. Each link going to a different url. Do you have any plans on making a tute for that? Just wondering… Thanks!!

  3. Thanks very much for a great tute. Oh, how I envy your ease with code… I put together a similar series and it looks great. Now to find a tute on adding a link to each image.

  4. Hey Adam i have sent u a Video response, its very similar to this one …approving it may help many people siting out there and watching these tutorials. I request you to kindly accept the "video response "

  5. Adam,

    This is a great transitional photo gallery, It's much better than the other ones I have seen. I really liked the mouseover event coding you did to stop the gallery when someone mouses over the image. Thanks again.


  6. you take waaaaaaayyyyyy tooooooooooooo loooooooooooong to get to the point….i understand you need to explain things….but MY GOD.

  7. 13:41- What does render out mean?
    14:11- How do you get that workspace arrangement?
    14:47- How did you get all of your layers to show up on one layer and then jump back into it to see all of the layers expanded?

    Basicially I'm confused because I don't know how to put a layer on top of a scene

    I'm using CS4 so maybe that has something to do with it.

  8. I am trying to do this in CS5 but adding the second image and changing the alpha got me all screwed up & wont work! I got the first image to fade out but can not get the second image to fade in? Do you know how to do this in cs5? I really need help with this!! Thank you!!!

  9. Thank you sooooo much this has been super helpful and the only tutorial that i could find to help me with my particular problem….

    You're a star!!! and my hero!!!

  10. If you can do this with Action Script 2.0 that would be great. I got it all down except for the action script because I have Flash 8 and Action script 1.0 or 2.0 and cannot use 3.0 and I don't know how to make your code in 2.0. Can you post the code for older actionscripts?

  11. Thank you so much! I just have two questions… Is it possible to make each image link to a different page? And is it possible to make separate pieces of each image link to different pages?

    Thank you!!!

  12. how bout a way to make pages (frames) in flash fade when you move throughout a website created in flash. with a go to and stop on…. actionscript. thanks

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