RIPPED OFF / It feels weird for me to share this story, because I’ve kept this to myself for so long. Have you ever been screwed over or ripped off by anyone? I’m sure a few of you have had a situation where you felt ripped off, screwed over, burned etc. So why am I making this video and is it going to turn positive at some point? If you have experienced something where you felt screwed over, ripped off or a complete lack of trust, it is probably the best thing that ever happened to you. Watch the video to find out why.




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39 thoughts on “RIPPED OFF.”

  1. Thank you for sharing this… when I was in my 20’s trying to learn about real estate, this company wanted people to take $30k from credit cards to pay for the mentorship… I desperately wanted to learn the biz but couldn’t pull the trigger. I ended up reading a bunch more books and took more time to learn in cheaper ways, tho it did take a few more years but the $ went toward a down payment instead down a rabbit hole. Lots of scammers trying to take advantage motivated but naive peeps.

  2. This is just amazing how this situation is similar to what I am going through… and this quote is just a relief and brilliant mind set for me ! Thank you so much, you are my best mentor

  3. Although I hate to admit it, I was ripped off years ago. I was mostly mad at myself because I considered myself intelligent and I had been doing so well. I questioned myself after that and it’s taken forever to try to recover. For a moment I went to a really dark place because I was upset at myself for not seeing the clues that I see now in hindsight and I was terribly ashamed I had let my family down. I had contracts in place but there was a legal maneuver their lawyer pulled so their unaccountable client wouldn’t have to pay me. Everything you said really resonated with me. Thank you 🙏🏼 for making this video. You are sooo right it was tough to move on. It felt like a little rain 🌧 cloud following me for the longest time.
    No one cares more about your money and reputation than you do. I have learned from this experience. I have grown from it. I’m a much better human being and business person bcs of it. I’m also careful who I associate myself with as well. Thanks for this vid. ☺️

  4. I too have "invested" in lead programs that screwed me over; however, my dad always told me that if you have a complaint with a company, write a good letter to them. In both cases, which totaled $8,000, I wrote two really good letters and after getting replies that they could not refund my money, I sent another letter each letting them know that if I didn't get my money back, I would simply make a complaint with their state's Secretary of State and the Better Business Bureau. Boom! Got all my money back.

  5. Not taking on the “WRONG” people may cost you short term, but long term, working with the “Right People” will attract more “Right People” because as the people you help grow, by default you will grow. Many people over promise and under deliver. My impression of you is that you under promise and overdeliver. Thank you for your story, I totally can relate and like you. I’m not going to share who. Instead for me when I roll back to that project, I will make it succeed, then show the individual the opportunities they could have had. When I do roll back to that project, the product will be much more improved than what I originally envisioned and now because of my setbacks, I will be wiser when dealing with suppliers in negotiating contracts. Reality is life can be Win-win, but many have a win-lose zero sum mindset. They see lack of resources(scarcity)when it is often really lack of resourcefulness(abundance).

  6. "This is a cautionary tale … [about] not just grabbing at something because it looks like a quick fix, because NOTHING is a quick fix." There is SO much wisdom in that one statement, Sunny. I spent … no, wasted 30 years chasing the quick fix. (Slow learner, I know.) Imagine what consistent, determined effort dedicated to one "slow fix" could have accomplished in that time! Oh well, I can't change the past. But I can learn from it and do better in the present to accomplish more in the future. Thank you for opening up and sharing this. You're helping people. That matters. ~ Jeff Johnson at Overcomeability.

  7. I can’t believe how much your “style” (attitude, look, emotions, authenticity) reflects my own, or rather something that I keep in mind trying to start my own channel, because this is what I am like in real life.
    I appreciate your honesty. Your channel is so appealing because it’s so honest. But also educational and uplifting. I also consider this video to be a sign to keep on working towards the same direction.

  8. Totally hit home. I'm so glad you were brave enough to tell the story. I feel encouraged to know there's women out there who have been through what I've been through. We share the same perspective. Thanks for motivating us!

  9. Wow! A lot of what you say in this video I literally finished reading in a spiritual book a few minutes ago!! 👀 I think the Universe/God force brought me to your video to reinforce what I read. Thank you for posting this. 👍🏻

  10. Hi Sunny. Thank you for always showing up so authentically and i just love (not just your videos) but your smile and laughter. I love that you are always showing up and giving the best value to others. Thank you. I was ripped off 2 years ago. I lost my ENTIRE savings because i trusted someone in my family with my savings. I learned a lot about human nature, trust, deception and forgiveness. I made the money back and bought my dream villa. Now i teach women how to tap into their own power and trust that they are more than able to do all things they put their mind to. So yes it taught me a lot. And I defined my life's purpose.

  11. Sunny, you are such an amazing person! Thank you for all your great content and help!! You are one of the few YouTubers who ACTUALLY teach us something! I look forward to being able to enter your course!

  12. Can imagine how horrible this was. Many people would just give up and get a day job or whatever, but you kept going no matter what. You're so positive, committed, smart, cool and just really amazing!! I learn so much from you.

  13. Um…I'm new to this channel, and…is she high? She looks high AF esp with the smoke EDIT…watched the whole video…still trying to figure out if maybe you were tearing up and its coffee steam…or something else. Anyways though…this is really good advice. I think we've all done stupid stuff and spent ungodly amounts of money trying to get our business' off the ground. I know I've spent (read: wasted) money on super expensive courses that turned out to be pointless and a bad fit, wasted money on coaches too (I'm looking at you, Tony Robbins International :/ ) and spent thousands on Amazon inventory that didn't sell. It's all part of the game. 🙂

  14. Brave Sunny! yes been there done that – damn. I learned in biz – a partnership is the worse ship to get on. But, like you said, I saw only what I wanted to see at the time. Big lessons come with big stings.

  15. Thank you for sharing this! Situations were I felt screwed over have taught me how I don't want to be or how I don't want to think. It took my life in a completely different and better direction that I might not have gone otherwise. I was angry back then but am grateful for the lesson now.

  16. When I was starting out, I paid for a high ticket mentorship trip that I couldn't afford $15,000 … it was a very valuable lesson… Now I know how to do my due diligence like I am screening my tenants for real estate… The amount of money some people charge is unbelievable… Yet the correct coaching program changed my life!

  17. Such a great video. I can totally relate. This has happened to me on multiple occasions. Could you please share some light on what mic you use Sunny?

  18. I think this is such an important lesson that you shared. I know from personal experience that it can be so hard to not let some of the downfalls on the way to success knock you down. But I feel like it is for sure proven fact that the most successful people are the ones who learn that failing is so necessary. Like a lot of failing sometimes. Haha. Great video Sunny! Thanks for sharing! <3

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