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This specific tutorial is just a single movie from the Photoshop CS5 Top 5 course presented by author Deke McClelland. The complete Photoshop CS5 Top 5 course has a total duration of 1 hour and 9 minutes, covers five of the most important new features in Photoshop CS5, and shows how these powerful functions can be integrated into workflow immediately and efficiently. This Photoshop tutorial discusses the Refine Edge command, and demonstrates how it helps you work with masks. Watch more at


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  1. hi!
    I have a question. I tried to cut out photo of girl with blond hair and to paste it on a dark background. The selection's made with blue channel almost perfectly and peacefully moved on the image as a layer mask.

    but the PROBLEM is that there are a lot of white areas inside hair and the Refine Mask just bluring these areas, turning them into awful stuff.

    the effect, that was shown in the video, where in the end the author removed the blue area in hair, didn't work. it just bluuuuurs the image.
    please. help

  2. Deke, it was so refreshing to watch another one of your tutorials. By far my favorite photoshop instructor. Years ago, I cut my Photoshop teeth on your tutorials, and it's great to once again, hear you make sense of a could-be complicated process. Thank you! 

  3. I have a similar photo on a white background. So the colour range option is no good because it selects the model's white teeth too. So please give us another option without colour range.

  4. To me this is the definitive video on the subject—goes that extra step. It’s something you might want to come back to after reading the books on the subject and watching other videos. Only when you come back more informed, do are you really appreciate that this is tutorial gold once you get past the initial frustration. [Respectfully] This is A+ stuff and it’s not for C students.
    Deke is well known for good reason—obvious when you see his work.
    I’m sure people complain about Einstein’s accent.

  5. As a beginner in refine edge, this tutorial is good, but too much talking makes it look boring, hope that you should do the talking while doing it, of course with less talking.

  6. What he is trying to say is this is a tutorial, and as a tutorial people expect the finished product, not by thinking of what should we do in the last part or unfinished part of the picture. Yes we can use the burn tool but maybe we expect your way of doing it.

  7. Final thoughts after many tries… this simply doesn't work for hair. The results are bad. Unlike what Deke is trying to sell, it's not looking pretty darn good. It looks as bad as in his example no matter what settings I've tried (and this is pretty easy, because he's doing dark hair, try doing that with light one). So back to old tricks.

  8. In the real world, not everyone you want to move from one photo into another is so conveniently posed in front of a clean & simple one color or no color studio background.

    Also, he begins the demo without explaining what he did in creating those other layers. For instance the white layer. How did he create a blank white layer? Pardon my ignorance, but some people(moi) are still just beginning in Photoshop. Not everyone starts out from Day 1 as a Layers expert.

  9. People just want an easy solution, Learning Photoshop is not about recipes, its about learning the tools from the ground up and how they work, Deke's method is great, he explains every setting for each independently and accurately. Once you know the tools you can create your "recipes" and techniques. When a person asks "what settings did you use?", my response is "your asking the wrong questions".

  10. ..Hey is there a tutorial to do it against a differnt colors because similar colors you can do that in like 5 minutes with the eraser..

  11. Every vid or tut I see on this tool is done with such an easy BG and it doesn't matter if it's a paid site like Kelby or free like YouTube Would be nice if these people would be a little more realistic and use every day backgrounds. Many seniors want their pics done outdoors and guess what, it's windy outdoors. This guy does talk to much

  12. I agree with the guy up above.He prattle`s on too much,and he already has the masks and layer`s done. Or i forgot to feed the dog before i started this tutorial.

  13. @ReaperGFX Not only is it a solid background, but the original background is blue being overlayed onto a blue sky and blue ocean. That's bound to help show the technique at its best.

  14. This video was EXTRA helpful while watching. But while trying to follow, I tried to work on a photo and my refine mask tool wouldn't work. I click on the radius, smooth, feather; move them from side to side and nothing changes. Can anyone explain what I'm doing wrong? Wrong settings? Did I miss a step?

  15. Out of all the videos i have watched…. this was by far THE MOST HELPFUL! and also i've learned (on my own since i couldn't really find any help on the subject) is that with mixed backgrounds you should dup the layer (i always put my dup layer under the original)… then go and cut it out with the lasso tool… everything very close (except hair) then go in and follow his instructions. afterwards go in and erase everything from your dup layer that you dont want (normally background).

  16. You are an awesome teacher. Your tutorials are very detailed, which i need because this is my first time working with photoshop so i am learning basically from scratch. i learned so much in this one video. thanx!

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