Module 3. Lesson 5. Intro to Keyword Research

You will find out how to set up your PPC search advertising campaigns with Google Ads.
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0:15 The decision making funnel and its steps
1:14 Actionable keywords, examples
2:02 Ads that respond to actionable keywords are the ones that have the highest CTR
2:28 Keyword research

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Now that you understand how keywords get triggered by user searches, I’ll explain how to identify the keywords that effectively pull users into your sales funnel. In lesson 2.3 I explained the decision making funnel; the journey a consumer takes in their mind before before making an actual purchase. The decision making funnel has the following steps:

Users in the awareness stage are only, for the first time, aware that your product or service exists. They might have zero interest in purchasing your product or service. Users in the action stage of the decision making funnel, have not only expressed interest in your product or service, but they desire it and are ready to take the most important action, buying. It’s important to distinguish between keywords that reflect user intent at different stages across the decision making funnel when adding keywords to your account.

Search terms for your product or service that can describe it in one or two words are most likely an actionable keywords for you. Some examples of actionable words are ‘travel agent’, ‘locksmith’, ‘iphone case’, ‘beach chairs’, ‘web designer’, and so on. These words become even more actionable with the addition of modifiers such as ‘cheap’, ‘local’, ‘buy and ‘best’.

I recommend launching new campaigns with the most actionable words. Once the campaign gets optimized and starts to become profitable, you can expand to upper funnel words. Not only does this help you become profitable faster, it also helps establish a good account quality score with Google. Ads that respond to actionable keywords are the ones that have the highest CTR. If you’re advertising an oil change service, users searching for ‘oil change’ will respond better to your best ad than users who search for ‘required car maintenance.’ Building a history with Google that shows you write effective ads, the ones that get clicks, is essential to building a healthy advertising account.

The next step is compiling lists of potential keywords you will target using keyword research. You will do this using various online tools as well as common sense.

You’ve learned a lot of the terminology and key concepts, now we will get more specific about what you’ve learned. Join me for the next lesson where I explain how to do this.

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