Module 1. Lesson 3. Display Advertising

In this lesson, we will expand our competitive research scope by exploring our competitors’ online display ads.
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0:07 Display Advertising report
1:57 Ads trend
2:09 Ads distribution by country, device, and type
2:22 Top Publishers
3:28 Publishers tab
3:46 Monthly Visits column
4:11 Top 30 Publishers and Advertisers
4:53 Tips
5:18 Summary

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“”Display Advertising”” report report will help you:

analyze your competitors’ Google Display Network campaigns
see their usage of text, image, and Responsive Ads
and find out which publishers display those ads
see the countries your competitors are targeting with their display ads
filter data by different desktop and mobile devices
determine the top 30 publishers and display advertisers in the SEMrush database.
By using this report, you will:

get an understanding of your competitors’ target audience
find new locations of Display Ads
and, define your display advertising strategy based on device type.
In the future, the tool will help you assess the audience targeted by certain display ads and analyze how a given publisher’s domain semantically matches a published ad

We will look closely at our imaginary competitor,

Display Advertising
Let’s explore the report. After typing your competitor’s domain name in the search bar, you will see their main data as an advertiser:

the total number of display ads seen by SEMrush
the total number of domains that published these display ads
the number of times these ads were seen by SEMrush
the dates any display ad was first and last seen
Below, you will see a graph with the number of ads of the analyzed competitor sorted by day for the last 30 days. In other words, it represents a trend of your competitor’s most recent activity.

Also, you can see your competitor’s targeting preferences from the diagrams showing ads distribution by:

and type
Below, you will see the list of top publishers sorted by the number of times SEMrush saw ads from a given advertiser. Take a closer look at this list. You may discover there are websites you should consider as potential publishers.

Last but not least, the report provides you with sample media, HTML, and text ads. This can help you decide which kind or style of display ads to opt for when creating your own campaign.

Review the detailed ads report by clicking the “”View All Ads”” button. You will see a customizable list of display ads, which you can sort by certain parameters, including times seen, days first or last seen or export up to 100 ads to a dot-ZIP archive.

Click any ad to see a detailed report of that ad, including the list of domains that are publishing it. Some of these domains could be relevant to you, and you can consider targeting them with your ads.

To see a full list of your competitor’s publishers, click the appropriate tab. This report provides you with the basic publishers statistics and allows you to export this data to an Excel or CSV file. Pay close attention to the “”Monthly visits”” column, it is an important indicator of a certain publisher’s popularity. It shows the overall number of visits to the publisher’s site during the last period.

You can also examine your competitors as publishers. This way, you will be able to see whether they provide space for ads and, if yes, the nature of the ads they publish. Under the “”top 30″” tab there is a list of the top 30 advertisers and publishers in the SEMrush database. For each domain you will see the ads count, the distribution of ads between media, HTML, and text, and the number of publishers or advertisers, respectively. The sites within this list succeeded in making money online, so you might want to consider them as potential business partners.

For every section within the “”Display Advertising”” report, you can filter one of the following time ranges to see your competitors’ long-term or recent activities:

or last 90, 30, 15, or 7 days.
Tips and Recommendations
A few tips here. Emulate what your competitors are doing, but always make your ads unique. Your competition has already invested time and money to determine what is working and what is not.

Be aware of the display advertising sizes, and if you need help, work with a consultant who is experienced in “Display Advertising.”

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