mistakes. / if you feel defeated or frustrated or lost in your business journey, my goal is to put everything into perspective with this episode.

I always say that entrepreneurship is like a never ending roller coaster. Even when things are growing and going well, there are still twists and turns.


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34 thoughts on “mistakes.”

  1. Hi Sunny, I am considering purchasing one of your courses to help boost my channel.

    I was wondering if you could help me with something that happens often in the dance and gymnastics industry on YouTube. They always disable our comments because of showing kids in the videos (demonstrating)… which lowers interaction, and there for views/algorithms etc (?). I was wondering if you knew a way around that?…

    We show nothing bad, just dancers in leotards… which is probably flagged in some way.. if you have any response to this I would love and appreciate how I can get past that ♥️👏. -Tamra Chace

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I've been trying really hard with my youtube channel and started a tik tok in quarantine! lets hope they kick off soon, with the help of your advice xx

  3. "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" – Mary Oliver

    A long comment that hopefully inspires someone:

    Thank you, Sunny, for the extra motivation to express our big ideas and message in a way that does not need to be totally perfect, polished, expensive, and beautiful. To take the leap and start the process of trial-and-error with real people in the real world – instead of letting our egos and self-consciousness convince us to stay hidden.

    This is stuff I've really struggled with for a long time in trying to let myself to actually launch the blog and videos that have been loudly growing inside me for years. It feels like such personal stuff to share the holistic wellness content so close to my heart so feels vulnerable…yet it feels pent-up and guilty and time-wasting to not just go for it already so been getting closer to ready.

    In addition to the countless hours of journaling on brand and content already done and great marketing classes taken and all the related life experiences lived that have shaped my message…now it's helping to find more baby steps towards finding courage to actually launch like: making more decisions about parts that have been so indecisive…planning to test some practice content privately on friends as a private video for them (less intimidating than yet imagining a huge audience of strangers)…researching and deciding on mic and tripod and lighting…planning to make private videos of anything to just practice being on camera…buying the URL and Squarespace, etc.

    It's very motivating to imagine how meaningful my content can be for people. If even just a small handful of people then it's worth it, though I have a feeling it'll be more than that if I really share from my heart and highest wisdom (and humble, always-growing humanity). Like so many content creators and leaders I admire.

    Warm wishes, everyone, with expressing our big ideas bigger! Our voices are important! Let's boldly have positive impacts on our communities more as creators and contributors and collaborators, not just only observers and consumers. Hidden gems revealed. And celebrate the ways we already have made an impact!

  4. I have been trying to find a routine since starting my channel (launched 18th May) between all the learning for making videos/voice over and the social media side…all massive learning curves for me.

  5. Who else started there YouTube channel during quarantine! Sunny helped me get to 1.1K subs in 3 months! THANK YOU SO MUCHH! & to all the small you tubers out there don’t quit keep going and enjoy it❤️❤️❤️

  6. Thank you so much Sunny. Your videos have been a great inspiration since I started my YT channel. Finally crossed 1500 subs recently and you have been an inspiration all along. Still struggling with insta 😬 but learning from your videos . Sincere thanks. 🙏

  7. I love watching your videos and I know how passionate you are about Instagram and growing! Have you ever used the social media app Dayflash? It’s a new and innovative way to grow as a creator! I’ve been using it the last year and I love it! I deft recommend checking it out 🙂

  8. Hey Sunny I love your channel. I’ve been a subscriber for about 6 months. Even though I’m a photographer, I still find most of your videos really helpful. I was curious if you’ve ever considered using Dayflash app? I recently started using it and I think it’s great for creators. I’ll wait for your reply. Thanks!

  9. This was super informative. I’ve run two startup companies and have made a lot of mistakes along the way. Recently I ran into this incredible new photo and video sharing platform called Dayflash. Full HD, full screen and chronological posts. And they are allowing short form creators to monetize their content in a similar way to Twitch.

  10. I stumbled across your channel when I was looking for information on how to create a content calendar. I watched that video, then another, and another. I ended up binge watching your channel while I was working. (Ok, as much as I could work because I took so many notes. ). Thank you for what you do and for sharing such helpful information for those of us just getting started. 💕

  11. I am at the start of my business, websites, almost YouTube – 1-month-old. I love your videos and have learned so much. I am finally scratching up the courage to start the YouTube channel, but I have not found an editor program/software for free that is user friendly. 😥

  12. So true. I just put my No More Sleepless podcast out. Not with the goal to make any money with it but just to help people sleep that are currently struggling with it. If it will lead to some income down the road, I’ll be more than grateful for my work and efforts to pay off but don’t see it as a major income stream right now. Don’t want to advertise on my podcast but rather on my blog. That strive for perfectionism always gets me though 😅. I am working on it. Publishing the podcast in English though it’s not my first language is a first big step to accept that not every thing said will be perfect as I’m not scripting the entire show. Thank you for putting this out ❤️🖤❤️

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