Marketing Scoop Episode 2.24 [Advertising]: Applying a customer-centric approach to paid advertising

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Have you ever wondered how to apply a customer-centric approach to your advertising? Many digital marketers are guilty of thinking that customer centricity is owned by the CRM team – and that customer centricity is only possible after someone has bought something from you. Not so! On this episode of the scoop we explore why customer centricity should be an important part of paid advertising and what this practically means to your role.

Joining us are 2 great guests…
– Amy Bishop from
– Navah Hopkins from

Here’s what we discuss in today’s episode:
00:40 Introducing Amy
00:55 Introducing Navah
1:20 How does customer centricity and paid advertising work together?
3:00 Where does Navah get her data from?
3:50 How would Amy say that customer centricity weaves together with paid advertising?
7:00 How big is ‘nurturing’ a part of applying a customer-centric approach to paid advertising?
9:40 What kind of technologies sho0uld businesses be using to put this approach into action?
11:20 How manual is the process and how much can be automated?
14:00 How would Navah define personas?
16:00 How important is gender in establishing personas?
17:00 How does retargeting fit into this cycle?
19:30 What kind of soft skills do advertisers need to learn?
23:00 Doe businesses with just the one product or service still need to have multiple personas?
25:30 Amy’s actionable tip
26:00 Navah’s actionable tip

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