Is Google putting more weight on brands in rankings?

On February 26, 2009, Google software engineer Matt Cutts collected questions on Google Moderator and answered many of them on video.

Monica from Madison, WI asked:

Can you verify that Google is putting more weight on “brands” in search engine rankings? If the answer is “Yes” — what is Google’s definition of a brand? Inspired by Aaron Wall’s post:


13 thoughts on “Is Google putting more weight on brands in rankings?”

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  2. To sum it all up, Google is not favoring anyone in the SEO business whenever they impose new restrictions and policies. I believe, their utmost concern are the viewers or the ones who actually use Google for search. This is easy to understand if you will look Google as a service provider and not a company pleaser.

  3. there was once an inside pic from google offices,
    where you can see next to every website his 'authority & trust' score…

    so google manually gave the most visited sites greater authority and ranking like:
    wikipedia, amazon etc…

  4. Question: "Are Google putting more weight on brands more in search results?"

    Answer: "No we don't, we just changed something so that brands might now be appearing higher up on the list"

    – Well isn't that what the woman was asking?

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