How to Embed a Google Form in WordPress

Are you looking to embed a Google form on your WordPress site? Google Forms are easy to embed in multiple locations and useful when you need to share it with multiple methods. In this video, we will show you how to embed a Google Form in WordPress.

The first question would be why would you use Google Forms when there are so many other methods to create a form such as a form builder plugin? While there are plugins that can create forms for you, they are integrated into your WordPress site so it is required to be on your site for the form to work. When you want to send your form in something like an email or on multiple sites, that is where the Google Form has its strength.

To begin you would want to create the form by going to the Google Forms website:

While there you would need to create a form through Google’s form creation process. You would want to provide a form title, description, and then you will be able to add your form fields. Google will attempt to apply the correct field based on the question you ask and if it sets the wrong type of field it has the option to select different field types.

Once you have set up the form how you want you will need to click the send button in the top right of the builder. There is a tab with brackets that look like arrows that you will want to click to get the embed tab and copy the iframe code. There should be a copy link in the bottom right that will copy the entire code to your clipboard.

With the code copied you will want to go to a post or page that you want your form to appear on. Ensure you are open in the text rather than the visual editor and paste the code. This way when you swap back to the visual editor or view your post you will see your form embedded on your site.

Text version of this tutorial

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15 thoughts on “How to Embed a Google Form in WordPress”

  1. Whenever I embed a google form in page in WordPress it takes my code and makes it say "loading…". We are running WordPress 5.0.2 and I am using the text editor. When I look in visual it seems to be a function but when the page gets reloaded the code disappears and says loading.

  2. Thans for your video !
    But when I do like you I don't have any background. It's white for me, whereas there should be some color. No background color on the side, no background color at the top.
    White on white is ugly…
    Do you know how to do?

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