How to Create a Separate Page for Blog Posts in WordPress

Are you wanting to set up a separate page for blog posts on your WordPress site? WordPress normally will list your posts on the homepage of your site but not all sites want to list their posts on the first page their visitors would see. In this article, we will show you how to easily create a separate page for blog posts in WordPress.

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Start by ensuring you have a page you would like as your home page published on your site as well as a page, normally empty, that would be replaced by a list of your most recent posts.

Next, you will want to go under Settings, Reading and change the homepage display settings to a Static page. For the Homepage you would set the page you would want to appear when someone goes directly to your URL. Set the Posts page to where you would like your blog posts to appear there. Not all themes have the same settings so if you do not see this, you would want to check under Appearance, Customize.

With the page changes set, you would want to add them to your menu as they are not automatically added to your menu. Under Appearance, Menus you should see the two pages you set have text next to them noting which one is the posts page and which one is the front page.

Depending on your theme, if you edit the page there is a page template for specifically the home page you can set when editing the page itself. Other themes you would want to take a look under Appearance, Customize for custom settings. If neither of these are options, we would recommend taking a look at Beaver Builder to customize your site’s display.

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23 thoughts on “How to Create a Separate Page for Blog Posts in WordPress”

  1. Sir

    Please tell me when I add pages like reservations/orders it automatically connect with my home page.or it came down to home page
    Now how I make orders / Reservations page separate in menu bar from my home page because I have separate content for both pages in WordPress

  2. I have a Welcome part on my Home page – so I would like to have a post or two on the home page. I created a blog page – got one post there. Can I use a photo, some text, and a link to the post on the blog page? BUT……I managed to find classic editor in settings – but can't change the color of the text of the title. I've tried everything to get that done. Any suggestions? I'll listen to this tutorial again…..I might find the answer.

  3. I actually deleted the homepage on my blog- It's not really commercial and it's just a hobby thing so I thought it was an unnecessary extra effort (and an acquaintance of mine has a relatively successful blog on WordPress without a homepage). However I have a rather peculiar issue. When going onto the website you immediately enter the Blog page, and you can see my latest posts (in this case just one post- I started the website yesterday).But if you go onto a different page, for example the About page, and return back to the blog page, the post is gone

    It is still possible to access the post through the recent posts widget but that will definitely be an issue when I start to have more posts

  4. Thanks for this tutorial. I have a complication here. I have certain posts that I want in one page, and certain posts in another page. With your approach all my posts are going in one page. How do I solve this problem. Please help! TIA

  5. I have the Elementor theme on my wp website. I tried following your instructions here but i don't have the options in the "readings" setting that are shown in this video. How can i accomplish changing my landing page to my hone page, not the post page if i have a different theme in Elementor?

  6. Newbie blogger question: should each category of your blog topics, (budget, frugal meals, ect..) be on separate pages? I hope that makes sense. Right now everything is on my home page. I'm wondering if I can get each topic on different pages to clean it up. Does that make sense?

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