How to Clean up Your WordPress Media Library 2 Easy Methods

Do you want to clean up your WordPress media library? WordPress makes different dimensions of your images so they are available for the different locations you could place them with your theme. You also do not remove the images that were in a post of yours when you remove that post. In this video, we will show you how to clean up your WordPress media library with two different methods.

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For the first method we will cover, we will be using the Media Cleaner plugin that you can find using the link below:

Media Cleaner

Once activated you would go under Media, Cleaner to have the plugin analyze your site’s media library and find any unused images. Depending on how many images your site has this can take some time for larger sites. The plugin will create a list of images it feels are not being used and you will have the choice of removing the images from your site or not.

For our second recommendation, we will be using the Media Deupper plugin found here:

With Media Deupper installed you would want to go under Media, Manage Duplicates and click on the Index Media button to analyze your media library. It should pull up a list of duplicate images used on your site for you to delete. Select the files you want or all the files and in the bulk action dropdown select Smart Delete and click apply.

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