28 thoughts on “How to Add Social Media Icons to WordPress Menus”

  1. Thanks for this video. Quick question. my website is onelifedxb.com and when I follow the above instructions, no matter how high res my icons are in the source png, they appear fuzzy on my site. Do you have any idea why? It's the whatsapp logo top right as well as the location pin top right. If you notice to the left of it, I have very crisp twitter, instagram and facebook icons, those are from the 'social links' menu, but when I add the same links for google maps and whatsapp there, the icons don't show up. I don't mind if the icons are on social links, or on the menu beside it, I just hate the blurry icons so would appreciate any help..

  2. Hi gang, is there a way for my social media icons (FB and Twitter) to show up without needing a drop down menu on MOBILE? DESKTOP version is fine (thanks for the help!) but on MOBILE it shows up in a drop down menu? Could you help so that both icons just show up in the header like it does for mobile?

  3. I appreciate this video a lot, thank you. It's helped me to create social media icons in my menu

    In your link of WP beginner Social media icons, half of the links are outdated, and these seem to be the best icons also. I recommend you update the links.

  4. P.S – Where did you get the social media icon downloads from because I went to google and did a search for social image icons, but when I click on the icon it's connected to a website… How was you able to download the icons without what I'm experiencing?

  5. Once you add the icons to your top navigation, how do you format them to be positioned on the right side of the nav bar. I've been able to effectively add them but they just sit right next to my other items which looks weird

  6. Thanks a lot.
    I have a question related to registration and login form.
    Right now I am preparing an educational website and I need every student has his own account to login and see his certificates and courses and everything.
    Please support how can I do it in my WordPress website?

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