How can I merge two sites?

Rob from The Netherlands asks:

“Can the “Change of address” feature in Google Webmaster Tools be used to merge two websites (Site B becomes a part of Site A), or is its use limited to moving a site from one domain to another? Do you have any advice for successfully merging sites?”

This video is part of a “Grab Bag” series in which Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team, answers questions from webmasters. We’re not currently taking new video questions, so your best bet for getting an answer about webmaster-related search issues is to head to our help forum:


8 thoughts on “How can I merge two sites?”

  1. The specific purpose of a 301 redirect is to change the URL of a page without breaking all the links coming to it.

    Why would you advise a site owner to be responsible for the maintenance of backlinks beyond his control when there is a perfectly good system already in place?

    If your answer implies that you will continue to devalue redirected links then okay, but I wish Google was smart enough to find the bait-and-switchers without ignoring the basic mechanisms of the internet in the process.

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