Google Ads Tutorials: Optimization score in dynamic markets

Learn how Optimization Score can help you save time, identify cost-savings opportunities, and quickly adapt to market dynamics.

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8 thoughts on “Google Ads Tutorials: Optimization score in dynamic markets”

  1. I am feeling so down. Someone please help me. I am new to google ad sense. My account is suspended on google ad but all my payments are from my bank account. I have never done anything bad to affect my payment. I have not received any response from google after submitting numerous appeals or is it because i am from a 3rd world country? We don't have people to help us over here. Please someone help me. Its been almost 2 weeks. My channel is suffering. Thanks

  2. The trick is knowing which recommendations are potentially helpful, and which could wreck your account. They are not equally useful. Don't accept them all without thinking through the consequences. Personally I accept most redundant and non-serving keyword recommendations, because I like a tidy account. But the new keyword suggestions are often poor choices. I find it useful to be prompted to create responsive search ads, but do not accept the recommended ad text. And I would never accept a bidding strategy recommendation without doing analysis first.
    Don't assume that a 100% score means you're managing the account well.

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