Google Ads Tutorials: Introducing Search Excellence

Whether you’re brand new to Google Ads, or a seasoned digital marketer, Search excellence should be the foundation of your marketing strategy. Learn here about the groundwork that helps you achieve your business goals with Google Ads.

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13 thoughts on “Google Ads Tutorials: Introducing Search Excellence”

  1. I already member Google ads. I want to try it someday when my channel have pass monetize and make money.. 👍 is easy and simple I think..

  2. Hey Google, the point is why you blocked my account? Have you properly checked my account? I blocked for the reason circumventing system policy, I heard that circumventing system policy means no connection between the ad and the landing page. I am not misleading the users. We will not do such types of things, as we are a registered entity. I am using Google Ads since 2017, till now I haven't done any such things, you can cross-check my entire ad account, I can you show all the ads which I have run so far. If you could arrange a call from your team and explain to the mistake I have done it will be more helpful. Please do not block it, as I have worked hard for this company for the last 2 and half years & I have set one standard for this company. All my employees will be jobless If I closed this company. One request from my side, please check my account once again. We are a private limited company. still, you are not mentioning what mistake we have done. I tweeted you on twitter about this issue. This is not the right way to suspend any account with any clarity. Maybe you are very big when it comes to the search engine but this is not the right way to treat your customers, Now we are very serious about this, we want to know the mistake we have done. this is the company account and we are very legal, we haven't done anything suspicious. You are sending the same email daily, that we cannot do anything & we cannot tell you more about this issue. really have you checked my account? who is leading this? who takes care of this issue? who is the head to take the decision to suspend the accounts? we want to talk to him. We are expecting a positive reply from your side? is this the way you treat your customers without intimating anything?

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  3. Why is it that we cannot reach anyone in Ads customer service that works in North America? I hate talking to these reps in New Delhi, they are hard to understand and can't offer a solution to my current problem.

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