Google Ads Help: About the ad approval process

This video explains the ad approval process.
For more information on the ad approval process visit the help site here:

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15 thoughts on “Google Ads Help: About the ad approval process”

  1. Switch to Bing ads, they are more supportive, you talk to Google about anything and every time they will make it clear you don't owe Google, like the lady did in this video "Google reserves the right".

  2. One of many misleading Googles Ads videos.
    Approval process is run by software, not by humans. Therefore, some of the time ads can be disapproved without any real reason. I had that situation and after a lot of emails finally Google admit they mistake and by hand approved my ad. But, bug still exist in their system and they don't want to fix it or communicate about it.
    If you want to see the best of all misleading Google Ads, look at this From the end of 2019. there is no transparency about costs for Google Ads auctions.

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