19 thoughts on “Flash PHP MySQL Communication Tutorials Intro ActionScript 3”

  1. you are the best Adam Khoury 🙂
    I built small database flash project using AS3/PHP/Oracle DB by view your tutorials and I succeed loading data in my index.html 🙂
    but if another person try to load my index.html,he can see the flash file but without any data 🙁

  2. Keyword being "all" of the related videos. Part two is there, I'm sure, but with no indication in the title of that video or this one there's no way to know for sure but to check every single one and listen for the first few minutes.

  3. Currently, I have a mysql database that stores information on products and a php file and converts these items into an xml for flash. But whever I try and load this information, flash doesnt let me because it doesnt like loading from files on a server. Does anyone know a way arround this security issue

  4. Sir, thank you! I've only briefly studied PHP, but I find it fascinating. To be able to combine Flash with PHP and mySQL… The things that are possible… I'm so excited about this!

  5. @aDistortedMind – Look to the right over there in the related videos section or just go to my channel. Better yet go to my site and get it all: developPHP dot c o m

  6. don't get me wrong, i like being reintroduced to "mr. php", but if a person is on this video, they likely searched keywords like "php" and "actionscript"… thus, this video was a redundant reintroduction to the server-side/client-side process that we're trying to learn how to ACTUALLY DO

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