22 thoughts on “Contact form with 2 way PHP and Flash communication, AS3”

  1. This is one of my older ones… I hate this tutorial but will not remove it since YouTube is full of gay crap anyhow so it fits. lmoa. I have improved over 2009 a lil bit.

  2. hi, i need help, the actions script for flash work fine, but whe upload to the server i dont get any mail. the files live in the same folder. Can yo especified to me wichh line i have to modified in wich mode. i do all with the same name that you do. i think the problem is in PHP that is new to me. Apreciate your help

  3. I was in a pinch and needed to create a contact us form using ActionScript 3, since I just got the new flash, this helps tremendously! You are a life saver bro!!!!

  4. Watch my FORM COMPONENTS TUTORIAL. It is almost 50 minutes long and I give away the whole farm. Plus I give away the free source files for everythung so you can study the completed projects.

  5. wel….something is missing and think it has to do w/ security. crossdomain maybe? Cause I uploaded your swf directly to my server after changing the lines that it says to change. I get sandbox errors

  6. the video is great, and as well the php and fla files, it came to be very usefull to me. Thanks, continue the good work and don´t lissen to some people who don´t appreciate your efforts to help other people

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