2 thoughts on “Celebrating Working Moms | #InItTogether”

  1. You don't support freedom of speech our basic Human Right and you banned LondonReal for no valid reasons. Therefore, I deleted my LinkedIn account. You follow a diabolical agenda! Bye LinkedIn. I hope many will follow.

  2. Would be a damn shame if we rebuilt the 50's and earlier model of American families where the mother stays home with her and her husband's children to raise, educate and bond with them while the husband works and provides the money for the household.

    Imagine if we stopped letting in truckloads of migrants and if women mostly left the work force. The value of a worker would rise, the wages with them, and a working class man would be able to provide for his family.

    Women really got hoodwinked. You got turned into tax cows to pay for your own worthless welfare that will inevitably replace most women's husbands and leave them unfulfilled. Abandoning their children for some lame 9-5 instead of living as their ancestors did.

    I hope women eventually learn the totality of the manacles they have wrapped around their own wrists. Go back to finding a trust-able, stable man and live a traditional life. It works, it worked for 250,000 years and this new rebellion against it is NOT working well.

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