SIMPLE STEPS TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM / I started my business when I was in debt and stressed. So, how did I achieve financial independence in just a few years? In this video you’ll find my very simple steps to financial freedom and strategies that will help you become financially independent.

These steps allowed me to build a multimillion dollar business and become debt free and live a better lifestyle!

What I want for you is to put yourself in a good financial position so that you can make decisions from a very confident, and secure, and grounded place, because that’s only going to help you grow further and faster as well.



“Simple Steps To Financial Freedom” Checklist:

📹 “Once I Figured It Out, I Became a Millionaire”:

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“How I Plan My YouTube Content”:

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“Top 3 Ways to Build Your List with YouTube”:


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  1. Thank you for this! I made a list of my current pre-made decisions and I was pleasantly surprised: biking immediately after I wake up, automatic transfers to savings and investments, bed from 8-9pm, wardrobe (jersey dresses and sandals), and no-buy. Now I'm wondering what other kind of decisions I can pre-make, because those have really worked for me.

  2. Hi Sunny, Iam a Financial Advisor and honestly your advice was very poor in Financial, However, I like the part when you mention that when you are broke you are very vulnerable. I am very happy you have reach your financial freedom and helping to your audience with very positive and valuable advices in your videos. I am watching you because I am planning to open a YouTube Channel in Finance and Accounting to give people tones of simple financial tips. P.S. You are very impressive woman, see you soon.

  3. Thank you very much for this amazing video. I realized how much energy and time I am wasting every day to take the small decision of what to cook, what to wear, when to cleaning.. all those things daily consumes a lot of my brain and energy.

  4. Hello Sunny, I just want to say thank you. I have watched your channel and tips on how to start and grow a YouTube channel and after a year or more I finally started mine last week. I live in west Africa, Liberia and starting a channel here is harder than one can imagine. I signed up for one or your classes few months ago and it has helped me a lot. Thank you.

  5. I don't throw nothing out of my closet. I just go an exchange clothes at the store. Like I have a credit and buy used ones. Sometimes I find high quality like Tommy Hillfiger that would cost 100,00 $. I pay 5,00 $. That's insane!

  6. Thank you for this insightful video! It's funny how people still crave for overnight success knowing its peril.. In 2019 i delved into digital asset marketing & I've been investing in the financial market with Kristen Marie Iverson(Finra regulated broker, Linkedin). my portfolio since then has grown from $75k to about $650k in less than five months! So far i have 63% of my retirement goals put away. I am currently saving for a new home, something not worth more than $25k nothing too extravagant or lavish.

  7. SUNNY!! If you like putting your finances in an excel sheet you’ll LOVE – it’s basically what you’re already doing but with a little more (free) automation!
    Also, my Sunday meal prep is the same as what yours used to be! Quinoa, veggies, a protein for the week 😅 and your closet is GOALS. You got some affiliate links to those clothes??

  8. HEY! really great video. Starting out a passive income or investment schemes can be difficult and confusing at the beginning, but working with great minds will surely put you profit in the long run. I don't forget when I first started crypto investment , even my fiance was being sarcastic. I was lucky to have gotten the help of a financial expert Alysia Theola Baker , whose guidance have amassed me over $260k in profit within 4 months.. Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn

    , she rocks!

  9. SUNNNNYYY! I bloody LOVED this video! I've been implementing some of these over the past year, you've just reminded me WHAT a difference it's made! This weekend i'm gonna double down and get back to it! Everything changed after you told me to get the miracle morning .. I share that book recommendation with everyone. I'm still designing my own perfect miracle morning two years later! Everyone is harping on about hustle and working hard, (Thats kinda a given though) but my struggle is always where to focus my energy..especially when there is sooo many decisions to be made! When setting up a business this has been my biggest downfall. A really good solid SCHEDULE cutting out the crap, emotional and physical is actually what we need most. PLEASE MAKE MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS! 😍🙏😊🥰🙌🏽💜

  10. I learned about the concept of runway when I started budgeting. I used YNAB and love it! It's helped me get 2 months ahead in my business. And for anyone who wants to invest, I recommend Stash because you can invest small amounts. I've been automatically investing $5 per week and now have around $300.

  11. Great video! I know it sounds silly, but I wish you’d do a video on your hair! My hair is insane and I wear it up all the time because I can’t even. I’d love to know what you use and how you style it. Really truly.

  12. I love sunny. But this doesn't seem like financial freedom for me. Itz could hve be titled 'How I organized my closet' 😂 just kidding.

    The camera is too shaky nd distrubs audience attention!

  13. Love you and all your about .. Question – The thing I’m best at is energy healing – Reiki etc .. I have not started a you tube yet☹️wondering if it could be a money maker? Or should I start a channel first and then join one of your courses or should I join a course before I start making videos? Thank you!

  14. SUNNY! some things I was thinking of doing and now I am so glad to have seen the video It only validates my thoughts and I feel much more confident about following the steps through

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