SEO Audit For Real Estate Website

Here’s what we found:

: 1. Get rid of meta keywords tag
2. 1 H1 per page
3. Local business markup on home page (real estate markup), website markup, navigation, etc.
4. I would consider CTR optimization for top 10 pages to start with
5. Get robots.txt on site
6. Add hreflang to site pages that are in different languages
7. Build out citations for our seperate locations
8. Respond to reviews on GMB locations
9. Go into and canonical or noindex (keep the main all page)
10. Want to include locations in GMB
11. On GMB locations point in URL to correct URL
12. On website spend time adding unique information about target area and local schema markup for that area (can use this as an example:
13. After changing GMB names to include other major locations (AFTER KEYWORD RESEARCH) I would hook this up to Moz:
14. Setup a content upgrade to funnel people to FB group or email lists
15. Noindex tags, author pages, and categories or dates (check search console and if there are more clicks to categories than dates then noindex or the reverse)
16. Start targeting top 10 lists of (target keyword + area)
17. All of your searches are getting indexed NEED to get rid of this
18. Should put event or real estate markup for pages

Top 10 Fix First

1. Noindex the huge amount of thin content or duplicate content pages
2. I would consider getting HREFLANG figured out for language pages
3. NOindex tags, authors, and categories or dates
4. Optimize GMB locations with correct location identifiers and also finish filling out pictures and responding to reviews on those (also point to the correct landing page for location)
5. Content upgrade going with funnel to be able to control traffic through email list or group or both
6. I would get schema markup dialed in (especially for homes, events, local and businsseses)
7. Fix robots.txt file
8. Look at top 10-20 pages through search console and see what you do to optimize CTR’s
9. Fill out local pages with hyper relevant data for that area.
10. Doing on page basics for main pages (getting rid meta keywords tag, duplicate and multiple h1’s, getting internal linking dialed in going to other relevant pages that you’re trying to rank, etc.)

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