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This portrait photography tutorial discusses how to overcome your subject’s insecurities by working with their body position and changing the lighting. Watch more at http://www.lynda.com/Home-Computing-Lighting-tutorials/Family-Group-Portraiture/90510-2.html?utm_medium=viral&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=videoupload-90510-0204

This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter two of the Family and Group Portraiture course presented by lynda.com author, and Pulitzer finalist, Natalie Fobes. The complete photography course has a total duration of 1 hour and 28 minutes, and shows how to capture engaging portrait shots of couples, families, and other groups using a variety of posing and composition techniques

Family and Group Portraiture table of contents:

1. Before Shooting: Planning the Portrait
2. Posing and Working with a Subject
3. Photo Shoots and Strategies
4. Post-Processing Techniques for Portraits


43 thoughts on “Portrait photography tutorial: Posing and composition | lynda.com”

  1. Ignore what she's doing to light his face. She's lighting to slim his body but doing almost the exact opposite of what would help slim his face and soften his skin tone. She should use narrow lighting on his face but she's doing broad lighting or even worse split lighting.

    They're either showing uncropped photos in this video for some strange reason or she has no idea how to compose a shot. There's an enormous amount of unnecessary head room and he looks like he's falling out of frame.

    She took each pose a little too far and it's obvious that he's uncomfortable in the portrait. You might be able to hide that with some skilled cropping but nothing's going to make your subject look more natural and relaxed then just being natural and relaxed.

  2. Gosh there are some nasty comments here ! I just had a disastrous photo shoot which was very unflattering and can say I wish this lady had photographed me . Great manner and a good understanding on how to highlight a person with the right lighting unlike my experience! Well done !

  3. Good job. You showed how even those of us that don’t have the perfect features that one would expect from a professional model when a photographer uses proper posing very pleasing images can still be produced.

  4. The lighting is making this poor man's nose look huge and scary. She needed a lot more flattering light for this gentleman. You some times have to scrap traditional lighting styles for some people to make them look good. The light is harsh and masculine, but he needed a flatter light so that it doesn't show up all of the imperfections on his skin and nose. As we see light coming from the side will just make any thing wrong with the skin look 10 times worse, she's trying to slim him when what I see is skin problems, not his size. Also that loose shirt makes him look even bigger. A dark shirt that didn't fluff out so much would have been better, a nice fitting button down shirt would have made him much thinner looking and more stylish. I am not fond of a video that can't decide if the teacher is dealing with an audience or treating it as a fake real shoot.

  5. everybody dishing on her work or video or whatever stuff etc..pls u come up with ur expertise n show ppl what ur made of..
    Critiquing is easy..and lazy.
    mkn videos n explaining dynamics isnt. plus the cost that this takes..

  6. I think both the model and Natalie are brave. I'm far from good looking and there's only one side of the camera you'd get me and it would never be on YouTube. Natalie is brave enough to say she wasn't happy with the earlier shots and then went on to show us how to correct it. As for those who who say he looked awkward, did you see the shots at the end? I wouldn't mind betting more than one of Natalie's assistants have gone onwards and upwards thanks to her training.

  7. Don't want to be too harsh here Linda and really appreciate anyone trying to help other photographs out however, I didn't like these images at all…..sorry. The images seemed unbalanced (too much or too little light on his face), flat, and boring overall. Secondly, the guy that you're shooting seems totally uncomfortable. His discomfort and weird poses are reflected in the final images and should be deemed unsuitable for amateurs trying to learn about studio lighting or how to guide a shoot.

  8. This isn't a knock on Natalie because I do admire her work. However, I'd make sure my subject emptied their pockets especially for full-body or 3/4 quarter shots. That mobile looks distracting 🙂

  9. Watching her gives me a better idea of how to talk to the subject, which is a big issue for me! Not too self-confident in how I talk to the subject, and what poses to use, etc. I know that practice will make me better, and, this gives me an idea of what to practice. 🙂

  10. she may know what she's talking about but I think she just sucked all the fun out of photography, i'm selling my camera for crack and hittin the streets

  11. I like the question 'do you mind if I fuss with your clothes (hands, chin etc.) in order to enter the subject's personal space in a friendly way.  I learned a lot in 10 minutes.  Thank you! 

  12. Lynda has very good personal skills, but her photographic skills are quite lacking. Her lighting technique is amateurish and her composition and posing are awkward. I would encourage her to enter professional photographic competitions where she can listen to the judges, incorporate their advice, apply what she learns and works on improving her skills further.

  13. She's making money doing what she likes to do but these awkward photos just aren't good looking… (Thats just my opinion) that monotone voice would make it so hard for to work with… how ever her lighting is great. but these poses are taught in high school art classes. I think she would make a better teacher.

  14. Amazing video, I loved the interaction between the photographer and her subject.

    Not even at a single moment , there was no negative comment or subject losing confidence in the photographer.

    Thanks for posting !!

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  16. I'm looking to start doing portrait photography, as a hobby, and for the fun of it. This tutorial is very good in showing me some of the techniques being used. Her lighting is continuous, whereas I'll be using flash, but it shouldn't vary that much. I was, and am, more interested in her posing techniques. Those are what I truly want to learn.
    Thanks Lynda.com, and yes, I will be joining eventually.

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